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Pole marquees

Traditional pole marquees are where it all started. These beautiful marquee structures invoke memories of long hot summer days, country fayres and relaxed, rustic events.

Traditional pole marquees are commonly referred to as ‘Trads’ or ‘Pole marquees’. These characterful marquee structures offer the perfect alternative to the more  formal frame tent marquee. They are ideal for those who are looking to create a relaxed, rustic vibe and lend themselves perfectly to shabby-chic styling.

Here are a few of our favourite facts, top tips and snippets of helpful advice about traditional pole marquees.

Traditional Pole marquee sizes

It all started with pole tents – way back before the metric system was introduced.  Therefore we measure pole tents in feet and inches rather than in metres. Inside outside’s pole tents come in widths of 20, 30 and 40 feet and in lengths of up to 175 feet!

How tall are pole marquees?

Lifestyle marquees’s pole tent marquees are seven feet tall at the walls and rise to 18ft at the centre point of the roof. Shorter at the walls than the frame tent marquees, but taller in the centre.

Our pole marquees are made from breathable canvas material

We use breathable canvas material in our traditional pole tents. They are perfect for hot, humid summer days. Frame tent marquees are made from PVC.

The unlined look

We use a series of guy ropes and internal poles to hold up our traditional pole marquees. This means that there’s no internal metal framework on the inside; and therefore no need to line the walls. It comes down to taste, but this can mean a small cost saving versus hiring a frame tent marquee.

Flooring options

A relaxed, rustic look means that the pole marquee works extremely well to a coconut matting floor. That said, it is possible to use a pole marquee without any flooring at all. It all depends upon your event; beware of high heels sinking in to soft ground!

The internal poles

While the internal poles that support the central line of the traditional pole marquee look attractive and lend themselves perfectly to floral decoration, they can also be an obstruction. You’ll need to think carefully when placing your dancefloor, seating and stages.

Pole marquees use guy ropes

Large internal poles and guy ropes around their perimeter hold the traditional pole marquee structure in place. While these add character they also mean that you’ll need extra space around the marquee – a larger footprint versus a frame tent marquee.

Guy ropes mean that any additional structures – such as catering marquees – may need to be attached via an awning, rather than attaching directly to the main marquee.

A seasonal marquee

Traditional pole marquees are only suitable for use during the warmer, drier months. Because they are tall structures they are susceptible to high winds. Couple high winds with rain soaked grounds and high winds and you have a recipe for disaster.

For safety reasons, Lifestyle marquees does not recommend using pole marquees during the winter months (October to May).

Considering hiring a Traditional Pole Marquee?

We offer a variety of different marquees for hire. From traditional pole marquees, to frame tents. We’d love to discuss your next event and our team are happy to offer no obligation advice and quotes. Call 01372 459 485 to find out more.