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Marquees are versatile creatures. Not only are there many different marquee types and styles to choose from but there are also many different ways in which they can be used. From one event to the next, the same basic structure can be transformed into a completely new entertaining space.

We thought we’d give you a run-down of a few of the uses that different marquee types are perfect for:

Marquee garden party

Marquee garden partyThe classic marquee garden party. Oh British summertime, what a fickle mistress you are! One week end you bath us in bright sunshine, the next we’re awash with rainstorms or battling gale-force winds!

But it takes more than an unpredictable British summer to put the kibosh on the good old summer garden party. If you’re worried about the weather, good or bad, a marquee can be your best friend.

Whether you’re looking for a large open sided marquee that can accommodate tables and chairs and perhaps even a jazz quartet, or a smaller decorative space,marquee hire quotes such as a Chinese hat pagoda marquee to add interest to your party space as well as shade from the midday sun, a marquee is a fantastic option.

The best news is that whether the weather is hotter, colder or wetter than you’d hoped, you’ll still have a beautiful space in which you and your guests can enjoy your event.

Of all the different marquee types, it’s worth noting that Lifestyle marquees’s Frame Tent marquees are extremely solid structures, choose one of these for your event (their rated to withstand wind gusts of up to 80mph!) and you’ll be partying no matter what mother nature chooses to throw your way.

Wedding marquees

Bridal FairWell obviously! Marquees are a popular choice as a wedding reception venue, but with new changes to the regulations surrounding the rights to marry in outdoor spaces, they could soon become a popular place to hold the ceremony too.

Wedding marquees come in many shapes and sizes, from the contemporary Frame tent to the traditional and classically styled Pole marquee. It really does come down to personal choice.

Frame tents offer an unobstructed internal space and they can be used to create a contemporary space or a traditional wedding venue. A frame tent is extremely versatile and can easily be sectioned off to create different spaces and areas of interest. Because they do not require guy ropes it is easy to add a decorative entrance, such as an awning or a pagoda marquee.

A traditional pole tent is perfect for a rustic, country style wedding. A set of internal poles and guy ropes support the structure, which can be used without internal linings as they have canvas walls. Decorate a ‘Trad’ with bunting and wrap flowers around the supporting poles and you’ll be on your way to creating a relaxed and informal space for you and you’re guests to enjoy.

Contemporary party marquee

Contemporary MarqueeWant to do something different? Use a frame tent or a stretch tent to create a unique party space. Both options are flexible; the ultra adaptable frame tent offers a variety of configuration options, the ability to add breakout areas or separate ‘rooms’ and cool, contemporary clear roof panels too.

A series of small internal poles and guy ropes support the stretch tent structure. The internal poles can be placed in any position against the tents stretchy fabric walls, creating a unique shape and space every time that the marquee is erected.

Stretch tents probably lend themselves best to festival style events, where frame tents are great for more internally focused parties – especially when sets of contemporary furniture, bars and decorations are paired with cool lighting effects.

Rustic, country fayre style marquee

Unlined Traditional Pole Marquee

The traditional pole tent comes into it’s own here. Internal poles and guy ropes support the traditional marquee structure. They have breathable canvas walls and lend themselves well to being used without any form of flooring. Not having a floor in your marquee means that you can consider bringing in hay bales for casual seating.  Long rustic wooden tables and bench seats work well for dining too.

This is serious bunting territory, drape it at the entrance and between the supporting internal poles. Add some pretty festoon lighting on the outside and perhaps a fire pit or two lining the entrance path

Floristry works well in any marquee; but the internal poles in a traditional pole marquee are crying out to be wrapped with a pretty floral display.

Extra space – House extension marquee

House extension Winter marqueesExtremely popular during the winter months, the house extension marquee is starting to grow in popularity all year around.

Set on using your house for your party but don’t have enough internal space to house all of your guests? A marquee house extension could be ideal for you.

The house extension marquee is joined to your house, usually around a set of patio or bi-fold doors which ban then be  then left open; this extends your indoor entertaining space into what was formally your garden or patio area.House extension marquee

These marquees are ideal for creating additional dining space, a bar or for housing a dance floor. As house extension marquees are built using a frame tent structure, they have all of the same capabilities. You can add clear roof panel sections or sets of doors leading to the garden. Add window walls and then uplight your trees and garden features to showcase them once the sun goes down.

Open up the walls of a house extension marquee at any time; this  allows you to use the marquee and the garden during the day but gives you the ability to close the cooler evening (and the mosquitoes!) out after dark.

Interested in finding out how you could use a marquee?

We build beautiful marquees of all styles, shapes and sizes into all kinds of spaces; you’d be surprised where we can fit them! From sloping ground to terraces, over pools, lakes and ponds and on Tennis courts. Give our team a call on 01483 322070. We’re always happy to discuss the different marquee types available and to offer free, no obligation advice and quotations.