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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again  – a marquee is a fantastic blank canvas as an event venue. But it’s the internal decoration and finishing touches that distinguish one marquee from another. Floral themes can make a huge difference, so we decided to explore marquee floristry in a little more depth – with help from an events industry friend.

Flowers and floral decorations add interest and colour to marquees and are hugely important in creating unique and personalised event spaces. But with so many different options to choose from how do you go about ensuring that your marquee florals create the space you’ve been dreaming of?

Speaking to a florist is a good start but speaking to a florist that specialises in event design is even better.

floral themes

Flowers by Daiva Ranson

We spoke with Daiva Ranson of Daiva’s studio. Hampshire based, Daiva has previously work with both private and commercial clients, using her experienced eye for interior design detail to create inspiring and unique floral designs for their events and entertaining spaces.

Floral trends are seasonal

As Daiva explains, ‘Floral trends are seasonal and forever changing and my unique designs are at the forefront of these trends ensuring a complementary yet naturalistic balance of both flowers and flora.

I have a passion to bring to life unique creations which are both visually stunning and sweet smelling.’

Passion is important, as it’s a major factor in keeping a floral designer at the forefront of their industry. But in a world of ever changing trends, listening to the needs of the client are equally

floral themes

Flowers by Daiva Ranson

– if not even more important. ‘I am totally attentive to my clients needs and budgets and I  take great pride and enjoyment in working alongside each and every individual customer whether their preference is for a classic, contemporary, rustic or a meadow style.’

For Daiva a client meeting is a journey of discovery; an opportunity to learn about the clients needs, passions and desires. It’s also an opportunity to offer advice and to share her extensive knowledge of the latest floral and interior design trends.

Trends change, but so do the seasons. At different times of year the trends adapt to the types of flora that will be available. Mother nature is the ultimate designer and even the best florists need to take their cues from her. ‘I’m inspired by natural shapes and colours’ explains Daiva,

‘I am all about presenting Mother nature’s work in unforgettable ways including wild flowers, plants and even fruits! Each and every flower is personally selected and freshly hand-picked at its peak to ensure the best possible quality.’

So what works in a marquee?

If you’re marquee is in a beautiful location then take make use of it. Window walls allow you to

Floral themes

Flowers by Emma Soulsby

take advantage of the wonderful views outside. If the grounds are landscaped then showcase them.

Internally, less is often more. Smaller, traditional table centres can often be more impactful than larger, more extravagant displays.  A marquee roof space lends itself perfectly to floral displays and a recent trend has been to hang displays from trellises, wooden planks or even ladders in these areas.

Traditional pole tents offer central supporting poles – ideal for wrapping or hanging with floral displays.

What else should I think about?

A good florist will be able to offer guidance and advice. Marquees are wonderful spaces for displaying floristry but there are a few things worth bearing in mind.

Floral themes

Flowers by Emma Soulsby

Heavy floral displays will need to be hung from weight bearing points and every marquee structure will have different capabilities. There are techniques that can be used to maximise the amount of weight that can be supported and a good marquee supplier will be able to advise on these as well as the optimal places for positioning floral displays within the marquee structure.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact our team – we’re always happy to offer guidance and advice on everything from marquee floristry to event theming and styling. We’d love to speak to you about your next event. Call 01483 322070 or email