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marquees and rain seasonal marquees

Marquees make fantastic venues all year around. We can understand why people might worry about having a marquee during the colder months, or during the rainy season. We’ve been supplying seasonal marquees for use all year round since 1980; with the correct planning a marquee is a perfect venue, regardless of the weather or the time of year.

Think about the ground

Where are you planning to put your marquee? If the ground that you are considering is prone to flooding then it might be worth having an alternate location in mind in case the weather turns in the run up to your event.

Most grass surfaces (unless clay based) will have adequate drainage; if you are concerned then it’s probably worth investing in boarded flooring within your marquee. During the summer months this could be left as a judgement call closer to the time (but beware of last minute availability issues); during the winter months Lifestyle marquees recommend boarded and carpeted flooring as it helps with insulation and warmth as well as wet weather issues.

Wet weather contingencies

Regardless of the event, if you are planning to hold reception drinks on the lawns then it would be wise to have a back-up plan in mind. The UK weather gods don’t always play by the rules so having a contingency up your sleeve is always a good idea.

Depending upon guest numbers you could add a Chinese hat pagoda marquee or two to your set up. These beautiful structures will give you an attractive marquee entrance whilst also offering adequate space for reception drinks if required.

If you’d rather avoid any additional, weather related, costs then why not consider using your dance floor space?

How will your guests get to the marquee?

If your marquee is in a field or across an area of lawn then you’ll need to consider how your guests will get to the marquee if the ground is wet, muddy or if the heavens have opened.

Covered walkways are a great option – if the distance to be traveled isn’t to great. Alternatively, you could offer them umbrellas!

We’d recommend a coconut matting walkway if your concerned about the condition of the lawn. Firstly, it will help guests avoid getting muddy dress hems and trouser legs, plus it will also stop heels from sinking into soft ground. If you are concerned about the damage that might be caused by a hundred or so guests traipsing across your perfectly manicured lawns then a walkway is a good option regardless of weather conditions.

Will my guests get cold in a marquee?

Not if you use a reputable marquee supplier and take on board the advice that they offer. Lifestyle marquees recommend using heaters during colder months. Heather technology is fantastic these days; whisper quiet heater units can pump warm air into your marquee from various, discrete points, keeping your guests toasty all night long.

Boarded and carpeted flooring offers an attractive, level and dry surface and also helps to keep the marquee insulated. It’s more expensive than simply having coconut matting but the difference – especially during winter – is stark.

Consider doors and entrance marquees

Marquees can be entered in a variety of ways. Simply pull back a canvas or PVC marquee wall and you have an entrance. However, during colder months you might want to consider alternative options. Lifestyle marquees can fit solid PVC and glass double doors into your seasonal marquee. Even better, consider using a Chinese hat pagoda to create an entrance to your main entertaining space.

Chinese hat pagodas look amazing and by having one as an entrance you will be able to create a buffer between the entrance and the party area. Add a set of solid PVC and glass doors for additional insulation and you’re guests will forget any worries over the weather outside.

An entrance marquee is also a fantastic space to set up a cloakroom area, or to simply put a few sets of coat rails. During the winter months your guests are likely to tun up in heavy coats and scarves. Give them somewhere to put them so that they don’t have to hang them on the backs of their chairs.

What about the toilets

There are multiple options available when it comes to wet weather contingencies for your toilets. Depending upon budget they can either be built into the marquee itself, have a covered walkway leading to them from the marquee, or at the very least, a coconut matting walkway so that your guests can avoid wet and muddy feet.

Interested in finding out more?

We’d love to speak to you about your next event. We are happy to offer advice and tips on planning seasonal marquees during the colder months, wet weather contingencies plans and everything else in between.

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