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pagoda marquees

‘Chinese hats’ or pagoda marquees are versatile, decorative structures that can be used in a wide variety of different ways. From entrances to reception areas, chill out zones or in a row or cluster by themselves – the Pagoda marquee has many uses.

Lifestyle marquees offer pagoda marquees that are 5m x 5m, offering twenty five square metres of useable marquee space within each – that’s enough to comfortably hold twenty five guests mingling for reception drinks, or two round tables with up to ten guests seated at each!

Here are a few different ways that they can be used:

The decorative marquee entrance

Pagoda marquees are ideal for use as decorative marquee entrances.  Whether it’s a single pagoda or a set of three, the pagoda not only provides useable space but also bring style and grace to any marquee set up. The peaked top offers an interesting focal point and softens the ‘boxy’ look of a frame tent marquee.

But the pagoda isn’t simply an attractive feature, it’s a practical space too. Why not use a Chinese hat pagoda marquee as an entrance and flank it with another that can be used as a cloakroom area as your guests enter the marquee?

The reception space

It’s not a huge leap from decorative entrance to beautiful reception space. A line of pagodas along the front or side of a frame tent not only softens the marquee contours but also creates a fantastic space for hosting reception drinks and canapes.

Pagoda marquee walls can be opened up if it’s a beautiful summers day or closed if the weather gods are not on your side. Clear window walls look great on Chinese hat pagodas, and they also offer guests views of the surrounding gardens.

The chill out space

Add some low level, soft furniture to your reception space and you’ve got a chill out zone; perfect for when guests just need a break from partying or if they want to sit and chat. Alternatively, just add one or two pagodas to your marquee set up to create a chill out or break out zone. Host a second bar, a coffee station or even an area for the kids.

Stand alone pagodas

These marquees look beautiful and are the perfect addition to any garden party; their versatile nature means that they can be used in a variety of ways.

Group them together, stand them in line or have just one pagoda as a sun shelter for your garden party. They are perfect for hosting buffet tables, bars, long sets of dining tables or even just seating for when guests need a break from the sun.

Because pagoda marquees can be opened up on all sides they are perfect as ‘top only’ structures. A lovely shelter and a fantastic feature for your party.

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