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If your planning a party then you’ll want to make sure that you get all of the details right. Parties are all about variety. Your guests are likely to be an eclectic mix of family, friends and different age groups too. Good suppliers will help you pull everything together; ensuring the perfect set up and an evening you and your guests will remember forever.


Party drinksWhen planning a party then organising drinks will probably be at the top of your to do list. Current trends include a move towards low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and even alcohol free drinks. Andy Collinson of Ace Bar Events explains, ‘Alcohol free spirit brand Seedlip has stormed into the market, making quite the splash. Seedlip 0% gin has become one of our newest and most requested spirits on our portable gin bar in recent times and the no and low alcohol trend is one we expect to continue well into 2019 and beyond.’

Sustainability is another trend that we hope is here to say. Ace Bar Events Party Barhave made a move towards paper straws and have started dehydrating left over fruit to create garnishes for their cocktails.

Gins continue to be popular, in fact the Wine and Spirits Trade association noted a 41% rise in Gin sales last year- that’s 66 million bottles of Gin! A raft of artisanal Gin producers are riding the current wave of popularity meaning that there is now an almost overwhelming number of wonderful craft Gins available.

Mobile bar hire companies offer a variety of beautiful bars to suit a variety of different occasions, themes and styles. Gin bars, cocktail bars, LED bars, mirrored bars and shabby chic or rustic bars are all popular choices.


Party CateringAppointing a great caterer will make all the difference to your party. Top caterers not only produce delicious food, they also help organise and run your event too. Caterers can look after everything from timings through to tableware, furniture and even floristry.  In fact, if you employ a luxury caterer then great food should almost be a given. It’s the other services that a caterer can provide that makes each stand out from the crowd.

As Sarah Hammond or Rhubarb catering explains ‘A good caterer should just make everything happen, tying up loose ends and making sure Party Cateringeverything goes smoothly. Your glass should be filled whilst your food should be absolutely delicious. Your guests should never leave hungry and you, the host, should be just having fun.’

Themes are a great way to make your party stand out from the crowd. A great menu can be designed around your favourite theme, pulling the entire event together. Gareth Palmer of Vanilla Bean Events is a big fan of a themed event. As Gareth explains ‘Our first and most important piece of advice is to decide on a theme. The market is saturated with parties that Party Cateringare all too similar. Working around a theme personal to you will allow us to create a bespoke menu, cocktails, interior theming, stunning décor and styling that will make your party distinctive.’

From the moment your guests arrive they should be transported into another world. Your guest should feel that their feet haven’t touched the ground. From canapes to desserts, drinks, entertainment and theming – the party should feel like it has ‘just happened’. A great luxury caterer can make your entire event feel organic, while you and your guests relax and enjoy the evening.


Party EntertainmentEntertainment choice is very personal. However, as you’ll have a home or venue full of guests you’ll need to consider your choice of entertainment very carefully.

Speak to a good entertainment agency. Agencies have tried and tested DJ’s, bands and other entertainment acts. The agent will discuss your tastes, your theme, your wants and needs for the party and will help you find the perfect entertainment set up.

Party DJIf you’re looking for a DJ, Nathan Evans of Toast Functions explains; ‘DJs tend to work with your likes and dislikes to tailor the music according to your preferred musical style. They will assess the room and read your crowd, knowing exactly what it takes to get Tom, Dick AND Harry onto the dancefloor and keep them there.’

And when it comes to live bands? According to Nathan ‘The spontaneity and excitement that can come with a live performance should never be underestimated. An experienced band will delight and surprise party-goers Party entertainmentfrom start to finish with their on-stage interactivity, energetic solos, clever bootlegs and direct audience engagement’

But why not consider both a band and a DJ? Bands and DJ’s can be a great combination. A DJ can fill in between the bands sets and will also provide a set at the end of the night too.

While an entertainment agency will do everything they can to ensure that you get the right acts for you and your event, it’s a good idea to do a little research yourself too.

Lucy Eveleigh of Lemon Entertainment offered us a few hints and tips when we spoke to her about finding the perfect entertainment set up.

Entertainment tips

  • Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations of bands or live music consultants – there is nothing like a personal recommendation.
  • Check if your venue has any sound restrictions. Some private venues and barns operate a sound limiter which means a 13-piece band just wouldn’t be possible.
  • Once you have found something you like, ask for past client testimonials
  • Don’t leave booking entertainment to the last minute – good bands and DJs get booked up
    months in advance.


Party MarqueeMarquees are a blank canvas upon which to paint your perfect event. Unlike traditional bricks and mortar events, marquees offer you unrivaled freedom and flexibility.

Choose your own caterers, bar suppliers, entertainment, décor and theming. The sky really is the limit. Hire a marquee at home; this way you’ll be free of the types of time restrictions that are imposed by hired venues.

Marquees can be separated into different areas to provide chill out zones, reception areas as well as dining and party spaces. Add a ‘reveal curtain’ to Party baryour marquee and you’ll be able hide a surprise from your guests; open the reveal after dinner to reveal a cool and funky nightclub area, a band or a DJ.

Lighting, floristry and interior décor will all be your to dictate and can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your event. Your marquee provider will be able to talk you through all of the options, share imagery and a variety of different design options.

Planning a party?

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