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portable toilets

Portable toilets in marquees…. They may not be the first thing that you think of when you’re planning your marquee event; but one thing is for certain, you’re going to need them!

Portable toilets: What are your options?

When it comes to portable toilets, there’s plenty of choice. From simple and functional to stylish themed units. Your choice is likely to be based upon the type of event you are holding, budget and guest numbers.

If you are holding a luxury event or a wedding then you are unlikely to want individual plastic cubicles – the variety that you find on building sites or at festivals… Instead you are likely to want to hire a luxury portable toilet unit.

Luxury portable toilet trailers come in various sizes. They usually comprise male and female toilet cubicles, urinals, sinks, hand driers, mirrors lighting and heating. They also come fully stocked with toilet paper, hand towels and soaps.


Themed portable toilets

If you want to make sure that your toilets are a part of your occasion, rather than a functional necessity, then why not hire a themed toilet unit?

Themed units such as Shepherds huts, gypsy caravans, garden sheds and beach huts are extremely popular. Others that are themed or branded on the inside are fun too. We regularly organise units with movie star images or pink walls for our clients.

Themed units are hugely popular and therefore are in very high demand. Make sure you enquire early to avoid disappointment. Themed or otherwise, portable toilets are always in high demand, particularly during the summer months. Make sure that booking the toilets is at the top of your to do list; leave them until the last minute and you may struggle to find any available.


Designer washrooms

The term ‘portable toilets’, though technically correct, probably shouldn’t be applied to designer washrooms – it does them no justice. Forget the trailer, designer washrooms are custom built into a section of your marquee.

Using modular units, specialist toilet suppliers can build a bespoke arrangement of gents and ladies toilet cubicles, urinals, wash basins and mirrors within the marquee. Designer toilets can include soft furnishings such as sofas and chairs, to give a powder room effect too.

As with anything bespoke, the price tag matches the incredible effect. These designer toilets take events to the next level. If you can afford them, your guests will marvel over them and they may well become the unexpected star of the evening! They’ll certainly be a talking point.


Disabled toilets

Not all portable toilets offer access for disabled guests. Specially designed toilets, featuring hydraulic lifts, are available. These units meet DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations while offering all of the benefits of a standard luxury portable toilet unit.

Availability for this type of unit is likely to be limited versus standard units, so get your enquiry in early.

Hiring portable toilets

We are not a toilet hire company, but we organise toilet hire as part of our marquee hire package and include the costs in our quotations. We will work out the optimal unit size required for the number of guests at your event. We’ll advise on positioning. We’ll organise for the units to be cleaned or emptied (if required) and we’ll organise delivery, positioning and removal too.

Many marquee companies leave this element to their customers. It makes the marquee companies hire quotation look more attractive, but rarely saves the client money in the long term.

We’ll also ensure that the toilets are hired in a timely manner, meaning no last minute panic or unexpected costs.


Holding a wedding or luxury event?

Speak to a member of our team. We offer free, no obligation estimates and site visits. Our quotations are (unlike many of our competitors) comprehensive and transparent. We take care of every element, offer best advice and over 40 years of experience.

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