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Dance floor hire

At Lifestyle marquees we organise dance floor hire as part of our marquee hire service. We’ll advise on the ideal dance floor size for your event and the number of guests attending. We’ll even advise on the optimal place within the marquee for situating the dance floor.

The choice of dance floor style will, of course, be up to you. So to help we thought we’d arm you with all of the information that you’ll need in in order to make your decision.


Dance floor hire: What are my options

There are a multitude of dance floors available, to attempt to list them all would be madness! However, we can certainly tell you which ones we see the most regular demand for.

Marquee company reviews: A couple dancing in a wedding marqueeIf you’re looking for something simple then the entry level, and therefore most cost effective, option is the parquet dance floor. Simple but effective, a parquet dance floor offers a nice, subtle space for your guests to boogie the night away upon. Parquet dance floors are the type that we see the highest demand for.

Black and white dance floors are an extremely popular alternative to the parquet option. Marginally more expensive, the black and white dance floor offers a slightly more stylish option to those looking for an interesting alternative to parquet.

Looking for something more funky?

If black and white or parquet dance floors just don’t do it for you, don’t despair. There’s a plethora of choice out there.

Think Saturday Night Fever and hire an LED dance floor that lights up in time to the music. Alternatively, how about a video dance floor? Video dance floors can show music videos, or even your own home movies – perfect for birthday parties!

Party MarqueePea light dance floors are very popular for weddings; available in either black or white, they feature tiny LED bulbs embedded into the dance floor itself.

One colour dance floors are popular where there is a specific theme or colour scheme at an event. Beware that it will be difficult to source anything other than solid black or solid white though.

Mirrored dance floors. Very cool and ultra shiny, but consider the comfort of your guests – not everybody will be comfortable dancing upon a reflective surface…

The cost factor

How to plan a perfect partyIt stands to reason that the more elaborate the dance floor the hire the rental price tag will be. Parquet and black and white dance floors will be available in abundance; specialist or more unusual dance floors are likely to be less well stocked. If you’re looking for something unusual then expect competition – competition usually means that hirer can justify charging more.

The size of dance floor that you need will also affect the costs. It’s well worth considering what you think is most important for your event before committing a large percentage of your budget to the dance floor.

Dance floor sizing

Busy dance floors are a sign of a great party! It’s very unlikely that all of your guests are going to want to be on the dance floor at the same time. As a rule, no more that a third of your guests will ever be on the dance floor at any one time.

We will always advise our clients on the optimal dance floor size for their event, however feel free to take a look at the table below to get an idea of the size of dance floor that you might need. Remember, this is a rough guide for reference only – dance floors vary by style and supplier.

Number of guestsMaximum dancingDance floor size (m)
100305.4 x 4.5
150507.2 x 5.4
200707.2 x 8.1

Hiring a marquee, need a dance floor?

We can organise your dance floor hire as part of our marquee hire service. We understand the best position for a dance floor at an event and we know how to work out the optimal size too. Our team are ready to talk to you about your next event. We offer free, no obligation estimates, site visits and quotations. Call 01483 322070 or email to find out more.