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You might be surprised at just how many different ways a marquee can be used to create extra space.

Whether you’re looking to create additional entertaining space for friends and family this Christmas; or looking to extend retail or storage space over the festive season, a marquee could be the perfect solution.

House extension marquees

Extra spaceNo matter how lovely your home is, the space within it is finite. So, what do you do if you want to plan a big party, host a large family gathering or throw an extravagant dinner party?

We often create extension marquees to help with these exact scenarios. An extension marquee attaches to your house to create the extra space you’ll need. We use guttering systems and the latest marquee technology to ensure that the space is warm and dry; a true temporary extension to your home.

Extra spaceHouse extension marquees are commonly used to create nightclub areas, bar spaces and chill out areas. They are a great way to share your home with family and friends, making use of the outdoor areas that are commonly out of bounds during the colder, wetter months.

Extension marquees can feature boarded and carpeted floors, clever lighting schemes and state of the art heating technology. Low level casual furniture works well in these spaces, as do bars and bar furniture. But why not use the space as a dining room and have an extravagant family Christmas feast?

We can introduce clear window walls too. This way guests can enjoy the warmth of the marquee while taking in the views from outside.

Retail extension marquees

Extra spaceAs the festive season arrives, so does crisper, colder and often damper weather. Many retailers find that they need to house additional seasonal stock, but the outside display space is out of bounds.

We create retail extension marquees. A clever way to create extra selling space during the lucrative festive season. Our retail extensions have featured in places such as Wisley Gardens.

The marquee can be added as additional shop frontage, or to the side or rear of your building. Marquees are more versatile than you mat realise.

We’ve even created additional space for café’s and coffee shops. Allowing retailers to take advantage of the opportunity for extra revenue by providing a warm and dry space for weary shoppers to recharge and relax during their Christmas shopping expeditions.

Storage marquees

Extra spacePerhaps you’re looking for additional space to store Christmas trees? Or perhaps you’re a caterer or restaurateur looking for additional space to store seasonal goods? A retail extension marquee doesn’t need to be customer facing. We’ve created storage marquees (both extension or free standing) that allow the storage of good such as frozen turkeys.

A storage marquee can hold additional fridges and freezers, prep tables or extra stock. How about a break room for staff if you’ve hired in lots of extra help over the festive period? Not exactly storage – but an innovative and useful way to create space with a marquee!

Party marquees

You don’t have to hire a venue if you want to party this festive season! We can create your very own, bespoke marquee party venue in your garden – tailored to you.

Extra spaceNot many of us have houses that can hold 100+ guests, but if you have a reasonable sized garden then a marquee could be ideal for creating the perfect party venue.

To give you an idea of just how little space you need in order to have a marquee; a Tennis court sized space is large enough to hold 250 guests for a formal dining occasion, with a dancefloor, DJ and bar! The space is large enough to hold a catering tent for your catering company too.


Looking to create some extra space this autumn or winter?

Contact us to discuss your ideas. Our team will be more than happy to offer no obligation advice and estimates over the phone. We’ll even come out to see you, measure the space that you have available and provide you with a fully itemised quotation and floor plan. Call 01483 322070 or email