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Tennis court marquees marquee at home

Have you ever considered having a marquee at home? If so, you may have a few questions about how it all might work. How suitable would a marquee be for the space that you have available? How many guests could you fit into your marquee? You may like the idea of a marquee but wonder where on earth you should start.

The first in a series of related blogs, this week’s offering aims to help you answer the question:

Is my garden big enough?

The good news is that we are experts at finding marquee solutions for almost any space. But every situation is unique and the truth is that it will depend on a variety of factors. If you’re considering having a marquee at home, read on!


How many guests do you have?

a marquee at homeIt sounds obvious, but the more guests you have, the more space you’ll need. Rather than go into it here, why not download our marquee hire guide? You’ll find useful marquee sizing guides and formulas on pages 11 and 12.

To help you to visualise the space that you might need for a marquee; a Tennis court sized space is large enough to hold a marquee large enough to accommodate 250 guests for dining and dancing – with room for a caterers marquee too.

What shape is the available space?

a marquee at homeYou may have a large garden, but it may be broken up with large flowerbeds, tall trees, summerhouses, pergolas, pools or ponds. Or it may simply be an ‘odd’ shape!

We can find solutions for most spaces. We’re able to build over pools and ponds, using a modular flooring framework and boarded wooden flooring. We commonly incorporate garden features such as flower beds and pergolas, statues and small trees into our marquees. These are personalised features of your home and are therefore ideal for creating a unique space that is bespoke to you and your occasion.

What type of event is it?

a marquee at homeFormal seated dining occasions require more space than informal dining occasions – such as bowl food events or buffets. Will your guests dine, or dine and dance? Perhaps you just need a dancefloor, bar and some casual furniture?

Every event is different, but the fewer distinct entertaining areas that you need, the smaller the marquee will need to be. For some weddings, for example, the dancefloor space can double up as a drinks reception area; this saves on valuable real estate requirement and also reduces the overall cost.

a marquee at homeWhat time of year are you holding your event?

Winter months are usually wetter and colder than the summer months. You’ll probably want to create some reception space for your guests. You could simply use the dancefloor, as suggested above, but it’s a factor worth taking into consideration as you plan your event.

You may also want to add some additional covered space away from the main marquee for smokers. And covered walkways or marquee entrances are a great way of keeping guests drier and warmer when the weather isn’t perfect.

a marquee at homeAre you having catering?

If so, you’ll probably require a caterers marquee. These are not big or extravagant structures, but you’ll need to factor in enough space for them.

The layout of your furniture

In particular your choice of tables and chairs for formal dining occasions. Long tables take up more room per head than round tables. Do you want tables of eight, ten or twelve? Are you hoping to have some casual, low level seating by the bar or in other areas of the marquee?

a marquee at homeEverything requires space and extra furniture could mean you’ll need a larger marquee.

The type of marquee you’re having

There are several different types of marquee available. Each with their own unique style and also set up requirements. Frame tent marquees are the most commonly seen and they require little more than their own footprint on which to build. Traditional pole marquees are held up by poles and guy ropes – they therefore require an extra two or three metres of space all around the marquee in order to accommodate them.

Considering having a marquee at home?

Contact us to discuss your event and we’ll guide you through the process. Our team offer advice, tips and estimates over the phone. We’ll also visit your home and measure your available marquee space. At our site visits we’ll discuss your event in detail, share photos and ideas; and afterwards, we’ll send you a fully itemised – no obligation – quotation and floor plan. Call 01483 322070 to find out more.