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hiring a marquee a marquee in the garden

If you’ve decided to have a marquee in the garden, then you’ve decided to have an exciting, adaptable and personalised venue – tailored specifically to you and your occasion. Marquees are extremely flexible in terms of look, feel, styling – and also the number of locations they can be built in.

You may have a multitude of spaces available for a marquee in the garden; or your choice of marquee location may be limited. Either way, this blog will highlight a few solutions that you may not have realised were available to you.

Where can you put a marquee in the garden?

While a flat lawn might seem like the ideal place to situate your marquee, it isn’t a requirement. If you don’t have a perfectly flat lawn, don’t despair. Likewise, if you have a lovely location in mind but you’re not convinced that it will be suitable for a marquee, don’t worry.


Marquees are adaptable, modular structures, they can be built in more places than you might imagine. Over swimming pools, lakes, ponds, tennis courts. They can be built across tiered terraces or heavily sloping lawns. They can even incorporate garden furniture, flowerbeds, trees and architecture; making them features of the marquee, rather than obstacles to overcome.

Marquees over swimming pools

A marquee in the garden: Marquee over swimming poolIf you’re ideal location (or the only available space) happens to be occupied by your swimming pool, then we have the solution. We use a system known as Ringbeam. Ringbeam allows us to build a framework over the pool and fit it with perfectly level wooden flooring upon which we’ll build your marquee.

Swimming pools are also likely to have a pool house nearby – ideal, as we’ll be able to use this to access an electrical supply that will power the lighting, entertainment and kitchen equipment in your marquee.

Marquee hire in Surrey, marquee over next to a lakeMarquees across lakes and ponds

It will, of course, depend upon the size and shape of a lake. However we regularly build marquee over lakes and ponds. We use our Ringbeam flooring system to create a perfectly level floor over the area and then we build the marquee on top.

Ponds can be incorporated into the marquee design. We could build over the top of the pond but leave a section of flooring open, exposing the water feature. Ideal if you have a fountain, or even some exotic fish that you’d like to show off.A marquee in the garden: Marquee on Tennis Court

Tennis courts: A great spot for a marquee

Tennis courts are fantastic spaces for marquees. The ground will be level and the space is large enough to hold a marquee for 250 guests for a formal dinning and dancing occasion. People are often surprised at just how much space is offered by a tennis court. Not only will it accommodate a marquee of the magnitude described above, but it will hold a caterers area too!

A marquee in the gardenMarquees for sloping ground and tiered terraces

There are various solutions for dealing with ground that slopes. The same for tiered terraces. Every situation is different, so we would assess each individually and come up with a solution based on its specific merits.

Ringbeam flooring is ideal for levelling out heavily sloping ground. However, we also offer a simpler boarded flooring solution that we can use to level spaces with gentler slopes or uneven surfaces.

Tiered terraces or lawns can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Varying marquee leg heights, using areas of boarded or Ringbeam floor are all possible solutions. It would really depend upon the event type and the orientation of the tiers. We’ve been building marquees for over 40 years and there really aren’t many situations that we haven’t been able to find a solution for!

Considering having a marquee in the garden?

Our team are available for free, no obligation quotations and site visits. We can look at all of the available spaces, discuss and advise on the best solutions for you. You may be surprised at just how flexible a solution a marquee can be! Call us on 01483 322070 or email