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What are extension marquees? Well, if you’re planning an event at home but need some extra entertaining space, a house extension marquee could be the perfect solution for you.

What is an extension marquee?

Exactly as they sound; extension marquees offer a near seamless extension of space from your home. The marquee attaches directly to your house and uses gutters in order to keep the rain out; heaters to keep it nice and warm; and boarded, carpeted flooring to keep the surfaces as level as possible. Boarded floor also helps with heat retention, whilst creating a cosy and stylish space in which you can entertain, chill out or party.

What can I do with a house extension marquee?

We’ve seen marquee extensions used for a variety of purposes.There are many different and creative ways that a marquee extension can be used.

Hosting a large dinner party? Or a family Christmas perhaps? A marquee extending from a dining room, living room or kitchen is the perfect solution. We’ve even added extension marquees to barns, to extend entertaining space at events such as weddings.

Dining extension marquees

A popular use for extension marquees is to create additional dining space. There are plenty of times when you might want to host family or friends for a social dining experience. The problem is that the space that you’d need isn’t always available. Extension marquees can not only create that additional space but can be a interesting conversational topic too! Use the space after dinner too. Use your extension to create extra entertaining space after the meal too. An area for extra seating perhaps? A bar? Or even a nightclub…

Nightclub extension marquees

house nightclub marquee extension marqueesCreate your own nightclub. We’ve created some beautiful nightclub extension marquees. Dark linings, funky lighting and a cool dance floor set the scene. You could even add a bar, poseur tables and some comfy furniture. Don’t forget to leave some space for your DJ, if you are having one.

Alternatively, Lifestyle marquees offer a sound system that will allow you to stream music from your own phone or mobile device.

Chill out zones

Extension marqueesHost the party in the house but add a marquee chill out zone. Create a nice, casual and relaxing space where your guests can chill out and chat. Low, casual furniture such as cube seating, sofas and coffee tables. Why not open up the space and turn your extension into a garden room?

You could add clear window walls – either glass or clear pvc – to let in extra light and to allow your guests to enjoy the views. Marquee walls can be opened up so that your guests can use the garden if it’s a nice day or a warm summers evening.

Barn extension marquees

Extension marquees

If you’ve found your perfect wedding venue, but the space isn’t quite large enough to host all of your guests, don’t despair! We’ve added extension marquees to barns and outbuildings at a variety of venues. Such extensions are ideal for creating additional dining space; they are also great as a bar room, or to extend the dance floor.

An extension marquee is an unusual feature. A talking point with a useful purpose. You could even use the extension to create a funky reception space; welcoming your guests to the venue before turning it into a chill out zone for guests to use when the party is in full swing.

Lifestyle marquees: Specialists for extension marquees

Extension marqueesHouse extension marquees are one of our specialities. In fact, we are experts when it comes to finding marquee solutions for small or awkward spaces too. A marquee is ideal for creating entertaining space, but it’s also great for helping to maximise the space that you already have.

Whether you need a large extension or just a simple lean-to extension marquee, we’ll have the solution. There really isn’t much that we haven’t seen or done in our 40 years of operation.

Speak to us about extension marquees

Extension marquees are one of our specialities. We create and build many throughout the year, but in particular during the winter months. Contact our team to discuss whether a marquee extension would work for you. We offer no obligation quotations and site surveys and would love to discuss your next event. Call 01483 322070 or email