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company Christmas party

If you haven’t planned your company Christmas party yet then now’s the time to get started. It may feel like summer has only just come to an end, but many top venues will already be booked up. Your choice of venue and party date may already be limited.

Hold your company Christmas party in a marquee

Standard venues are churning out the same type of company Christmas party night after night during the festive season. While both staff and event will be well practiced and polished affairs, it’s just another work night for them.

When you decide to hold your event in a marquee, you decide to create something bespoke and unique for you and your teams to enjoy.

Company Christmas party planningCreate something unique

A marquee venue will be designed and laid out according to your own company’s individual needs. There’s nothing off the shelf here! You’ll work with your marquee supplier to design a venue that’s bespoke to you; from the type of marquee to layout, theme, lighting and more.

You’ll even have the opportunity to choose your own catering company, bar supplier and entertainers; something that isn’t often possible when you book a traditional bricks and mortar venue.Company Christmas party planning

Let the party come to you

The beauty of a marquee venue is that it’s portable! Why take your teams off site when a unique and special venue can be built at your own premises?

A car park or an area of hard standing or lawn are all that you’ll need to host Company Christmas party planningyour own marquee event. What’s more, the fact that the party is being held in your own space means that you’ll have the freedom to call the shots when it comes to event timings, bar hours and suppliers.

When we’re called upon to help plan a marquee event such as a company Christmas party, the first thing that we do is come to meet you. An on site meeting allows us to survey the available space and suggest the best place to locate the marquee. But there’s more to it than that…

Company Christmas party planningLet’s make your company Christmas party really special!

When you’re planning a marquee event you’ll have the opportunity to personalise a variety of different elements. During your consultation meetings you’ll look at different options for marquee layout, different types of lighting, carpet colours, wall linings and theming options. We’ll show you lots of photos and videos to help you make your decisions too.

Company Christmas party planningWe also know a huge variety of top third party suppliers and never recommend anyone that we haven’t worked with before. We always make sure that the suppliers that we recommend meet the same high standards that we hold ourselves to.

We’ll talk to you about different bar suppliers and different bar styles; caterers whose menus and presentation styles match your individual event personality. We also know a wide variety of incredible entertainment companies and will help you to find the ideal acts to get your party going.

Planning a company Christmas party?

Why not contact us for a free, no obligation consultation? We’ll talk you through your options and offer you a ballpark estimate over the phone. We’ll even come and see you to discuss the wide variety of options available to you, face to face.

We’d love to help you plan your next event. Call 01483 322070 or email