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marquee party ideas

If you’re thinking about having a party then you couldn’t choose a more ideal venue than a marquee. But what should you do with such a versatile and unique space? Our marquee party ideas, below, should give you the ideas and inspiration needed to make the most of your marquee.

Marquee party themes

Marquee party ideasThink of a theme. A theme is a great way to inspire your guests but it’s also a fantastic source of ideas for decorating your marquee. Your party theme could be based on your favourite movie, your favourite holiday, or even an interesting era; the 1950’s is always popular.

We’ve seen marquee party themes such as The Great Gatsby, Titanic, the Oscars, Ibiza chill out and even, simply ‘pink’ – that’s the colour, not the pop star by the way.

Theming is one of our top marquee party ideas.

Position your bar by the dance floor

Marquee party ideasYou want your party to be the social event of the year. Keep your bar close to the dance floor so that your guests can drink, chat and dance in close proximity to one another. We’ve seen bars positioned away from the dance floor, even in a separate area of the marquee; the theory being that some people want to socialise in peace.

The problem with separating the bar and dance floor is that you end up creating pockets of guests and changing the dynamic of the party. If you’re dead set on having a bar away from the dance floor then one of our best marquee party ideas would be to have a second bar. There, see now everyone is happy!

Consider bowl food instead of a sit down meal or buffet

Marquee party ideas

Buffets are fine, but not particularly inspiring. A popular party trend at the moment is to replace boring buffets or stuffy sit down meals with the far more sociable (and cost effective) bowl food option.

Bowl food means that your guests can mingle and socialise, unimpeded by where they are sat. Waiting staff will wander through the party space, delivering a variety of culinary delights served – unsurprisingly – in a bowl.

A few poseur tables and some low level occasional furniture will accommodate those who prefer to sit or stand at a table to eat.

Don’t forget the lighting

Marquee party ideasIt doesn’t matter how great everything else is, lighting, believe it or not, can make or break a party. That’s why we’ve included it as one of our top marquee part ideas.

Lighting sets the mood. If it’s too bright then the event doesn’t feel intimate. Too dark and the mood can be oppressive – or feel a little too intimate. Great lighting companies, such as our friends at luminaire events, can introduce lighting schemes that change throughout the course of the evening. They’ll use clever lighting techniques and effects to make certain areas of the marquee stand out.  Great lighting makes all the difference.

Book a really good entertainer

Marquee party ideasOkay, so this is true for any party. Don’t spare the pennies here. A guaranteed party fail is having DJ Dave turn up with his trestle table, decks and dodgy vinyls.

Always see your entertainers in action, or at the very least ask to see videos of past gigs. Live bands can be great and a good DJ can really get the party going – our top entertainment based marquee party idea? Have both! The DJ will look after the early evening ambience before the live performers kick off; they’ll also fill the gaps between live sets and will get the party jumping once the band has finished for the night.

Some bands, such as the brilliant JC Band offer a DJ service as part of their act. Find a good entertainment agency and they’ll guide you to the right performers for your event.

Looking for more marquee party ideas?

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