Milestone occasion

If you’ve got a milestone occasion on the horizon, a major birthday, an anniversary, engagement party, or anything else, then you’re probably wracking your brain for ideas on how to best mark it.

The way you’ll celebrate depends upon the occasion, some milestone’s feel very personal, others cry out to be shared with friends and family. But no matter what your celebrating there are lots of different and wonderful ways to mark life’s major milestones.

Mark your milestone occasion with a holiday

We’re not talking a week on the beach in Benidorm here… We’re talking about a full on, lifelong memory creating, life affirming, tick off the bucket list type of event!

Planning a Honeymoon, post covid honeymoon, milestone occasionFor some a holiday is all about relaxation; forgetting the ‘real’ world and escaping day to day realities. It’s about beautiful scenery, great food, sunshine and sand. But a great holiday can also include dramatic contrasts to the experiences you have in your ‘normal’ day to day life; seeing and immersing yourself in unfamiliar cultural experiences, getting to know and understand the local people, their culture and customs.

For the more adventurous, how about trekking the Inca trail? Hiking along the Camino de Santiago? Taking a safari? A world cruise? Travelling to that far flung destination that you’ve always dreamed of seeing?

A holiday is quite a personal experience, best shared with your nearest and dearest. So, whilst a holiday can be a great way to mark a milestone occasion, some prefer something a little more inclusive…

What better excuse for a party than a milestone occasion?

Milestone birthdays, anniversaries and major life events such as engagements only come along a few times over the course of our lives. Why not celebrate them? A milestone occasion presents you with the opportunity to throw caution to the wind, loose the purse strings and do something really special.

A party is a great way to celebrate with friends and family and to create memories that will last a lifetime. But if you’re going to do it, make sure you do it right!

Party Marquees party marquee hire how big a marquee for...Choose a venue that lets you express yourself. This is about you after all… Some venues will allow you flexibility in terms of theming and styling, though they may retain control when it comes to bar suppliers, caterers and so on. They will certainly dictate the start and finish times, types of entertainment allowed and volume levels too.

If you want to take control and make the party truly unique then why not consider using a marquee? Marquees can be designed and built specifically to your requirements, they can be set up at your family home and you’ll have complete control over every element; from entertainment, to food, drink, styling and of course, start and finish times too.

If you’re going to celebrate your milestone occasion with a party, make sure it’s a special one! Think carefully about every element and consider talking to professional event specialists to ensure that your event is planned and managed with care, without stress and with you and your guests in mind.

Do something crazy!

You only live once! Mark your milestone occasion by doing something wild. How about a shark dive? A parachute jump? A bungee jump? Taking a Tiger tracking trek in India? Staying in an ice hotel? Or climbing an active volcano? There are lots of amazing and pretty wild experiences out there.

Okay, so crazy isn’t for everyone, but if you feel like breaking out of the mold and having some great stories to tell, then having a bucket list experience might be just the thing for you.

Do something small and personal

A milestone occasion could be something that you want to shout about, but for some, major life events are personal affairs, something to share only with your nearest and dearest.

Consider a small and intimate party or event. Hold the celebrations at home (you can’t get much more personal than that) and use a marquee to create a house extension if you need some extra space.

Alternatively, how about hiring a villa and taking a few of your closest family members and friends away for the holiday of a lifetime? Imagine staying in a stunning vineyard villa in Tuscany, relaxing together in a luxury beach villa, or going on an adventurous family ranch holiday for instance.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that It’s your celebration, so make sure the experience is personal to you. It’s all about creating wonderful memories and sharing moments with the most important people in your life.

Can we help you mark your milestone occasion?

If a party appeals then we’d love to help. A marquee party is a personal experience and offers you much greater control over every element than you’ll usually find at a hired venue. If you’re concerned about all of the arrangements involved in creating a marquee based even then don’t be…

We will work with you to design a marquee space – large or small – that is perfect for your home, you, your guests and the type of celebration that you have in mind.

We can source all of the suppliers that you’ll need, from caterers to bar suppliers, entertainers, theming, styling and floristry specialists. We’ll provide the furniture, the heating, lighting, electrics and even the toilets! In fact, we’ll ensure that you have everything that you’ll need in place for your perfect celebration… well, almost everything – you’ll have to provide the guests!

Talk to us on 01483 322070 to find out more or to get a no obligation estimate. Alternatively, drop us a line at and we’ll get in touch.