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Extra space and storage solutions

Perfect extra space and storage solutions can be hard to come by. Storage and warehousing companies offer options; but what if you are looking for storage at home? If you want to keep things close at hand then driving to your storage unit every time that you need something isn’t feasible. And what if you need more than a simple storage solution? A more adaptable and flexible space to meet a variety of needs?

How about hiring a marquee on a medium or long term basis? Marquees are suitable as extra space and storage solutions all year around with the right set up.

Not just storage… extra space

Marquees are extremely adaptable, making them an ideal solution for those in need of some additional, flexible space; something that’s not only suitable for storage, but that also lends itself to use as extra living or working space too.

Marquees are available on short, medium and long term hire basis and can be designed and built to meet a variety of needs. Ranging from large warehousing marquees to smaller storage spaces, additional office areas or even combined warehousing/storage, office and or living spaces. With the right design, marquees are the ideal solution for a variety of different purposes.

Extension or standalone?

Retail extension marquee, restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees, marquee hire, long term marquee hireThe beauty of a marquee is that it can be designed specifically to your needs and to your environment. Marquees can be built as extensions to your existing spaces, whether they be warehousing and commercial spaces, or private accommodation.

Alternatively, they can be built as standalone spaces. Ideal for those looking to keep storage close at hand but separate from other buildings and spaces.

Heated and weatherproof

Marquees can be suitable for use all year around. The UK weather is unpredictable, even during the summer months. Winter can be cold, blustery, and wet… It’s therefore vital that you get the right marquee supplier and the right set up in place from the beginning.

Long term marquee hireA boarded and carpeted wooden floor is a great way to ensure that your marquee is insulated from the cold, damp ground below. Locking PVC and glass doors are ideal not only when it comes to security, but also for keeping out cold draughts and breezes.

It’s crucial to that you get the correct heating system in place if you are looking to hire a marquee that will be used across the autumn and winter months. There are a wide variety of heating systems available, each uniquely different and suitable for a variety of different scenarios. A good marquee supplier will be able to explain and provide the perfect option for you.

Lifestyle marquees offer marquees that are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to eighty miles per hour! Not every marquee structure is of the same quality. Make sure that you compare like for like, not just price if you are investing in a medium or long term solution; any savings in marquee hire costs could soon be swallowed up if your structure proves unfit for purpose in the long run.

Find the extra space and storage solution for you

Talk to us for advice, estimates and quotes. We offer a no obligation consultation service; we’ll even come to see you at your home of premises to discuss the best options, designs and any additional elements that you’ll need to create your perfect extra space or storage solution.

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