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Wet weather contingency

Are marquees waterproof?  We’re often asked weather-based questions about marquees during the winter months. The reality is that, if you choose the right type of marquee and a good, experienced supplier, a marquee makes for a great venue during the winter months.

Below we answer three of the most common questions that we come across related to marquee hire during the winter months:

Are marquees waterproof?Are marquees waterproof? a marquee at home

Marquees are made of either PVC or canvas and are designed to be waterproof. But it is important to make sure that you use a professional and high quality supplier for your marquee hire. A professional will ensure that their marquees are properly maintained. This includes fixing, replacing and re-waterproofing damaged or torn marquee coverings.

Rain gutters

An experienced and professional marquee supplier will offer solutions that less experienced suppliers may not have even considered. When we attach multiple marquees together, or when we build house extension marquees, we are able to add rain gutters to ensure that rainwater is carried away from, and doesn’t fall between joins in marquees and buildings.

Are marquees warm in winter?

Long term marquee hire, marquee heating, Much like the answer to the question ‘are marquees waterproof’, the short answer is: Yes. Marquees are warm in winter.

Having said that… It does depend upon the quality of the marquee, the supplier and the options that you as a hirer go for. A fully lined marquee with boarded flooring and carpets, plus a good heating system (and the right amount of heaters) will stay cosy all evening long.

Add elements such as a reception space, featuring internal doors between it and the main entertaining space, and you’ll protect your guests from drafts and defend against heat loss as people go in and out of the marquee over the course of the evening.

The viability of a marquee during the winter months is as much down to the skillset and experience of your marquee provider as it is about the equipment itself. A good supplier will be able to advice on elements such as the optimal number of heaters and perhaps even the best location for your marquee too.

So that’s the short(ish) answer, if you want the long answer you can find it here!

Are marquees safe in high winds?

It really depends upon the type and quality of the marquee. Whilst we wouldn’t be comfortable commenting on the safety of other companies marquees, we can tell you that our frame tent marquees are rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80mph and are perfectly safe on windy days.

Whilst frame tents are suitable all year around, we don’t hire out our traditional pole marquees between the end of September and the beginning of May. This is because they are very tall structures which could easily catch the wind; not ideal if the ground is damp too.

Traditional pole marquees are given their height via central wooden poles. They are then held in place by a series of pins, driven into the ground around their perimeter. High winds could cause the tall structure to lever its securing pins out of soft, wet ground; not a risk that we are willing to take! Stick with frame tents and their strong, sturdy metal framework when hiring a marquee during winter.

How can you make sure you get the right marquee?

You need to talk to an experienced supplier. Preferably one that has been supplying marquees year around for many years… Coincidentally, We have been designing and building high quality luxury marquees for over 40 years!

If you have any further questions about marquees then please feel free to give us a call on 01483 322070. Alternatively, email There’s no obligation; we’re happy to talk you through the ins and outs of marquee hire and can offer estimates and quotes over the telephone too.