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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the events industry? How about working for a marquee company? We’re often on the lookout for new members to join our team. So, what’s it like working at Lifestyle marquees? And what does it take to work for Surrey and the South East’s premier marquee company? Read on to find out or skip to the end to find out about our latest available roles.

The UK events industry

The UK events sector is a bustling and vibrant industry, pumping over £42 Billion into the UK economy every year!

Events types are many and varied. On the corporate side there are events such as conferences, AGM’s, staff summer and Christmas parties, concerts, festivals, trade shows, exhibitions and product launches. On the private side of the market there are weddings, parties and a whole multitude of other celebrations.

Where does Lifestyle marquees fit in?

wedding checklistAt Lifestyle marquees we look after both corporate and private clients, dipping our cup into that £42 billion pot with a focus on the supply of luxury marquees and all of the related ancillary services.

We’re usually the first people on site to set up and the last people to leave once everything is said and done. Our marquees provide the backdrop to our client’s events, so it’s vital that we set the right tone – getting everything in place and providing an exception level of service from the outset.

What do we expect of our staff?

Our ethos is simple – be professional, polite and courteous. We are working on behalf of our clients, often on their own property, and our aim is to take care of them from start to finish.

Working for a marquee companyWe invest a great deal of time and effort in training our staff. That goes for both our office based and on-site installation teams. Customer experience begins the moment we receive an email, contact form or at the moment that a customer picks up the phone and calls us.

It’s crucial that we get our customer service right from the very beginning and that we continue to deliver throughout the event and beyond.

Training is regularly reviewed and developed to ensure that we are always working in line with the standards set out by our industry’s governing bodies, and our overriding aim is to surpass those standards.

What’s it like working on site?

Our on-site teams are led by an experienced foreman, who knows how to manage a site and how to get the best out of every single member of the team.

Days can be long, with early starts and late finishes during the busiest periods of the year. Work begins at our warehouse, gathering equipment and loading up our trucks and ends back at the warehouse, unloading and/or setting things up for the following days work.

working for a marquee companyOn site, professionalism is paramount. We are working at client sites and there will often be homeowners or company representatives around and interested in every aspect of our work. Our foremen take control from the outset, directing the team and ensuring the smooth running of the site throughout the build or derig.

The majority of our work takes place during the summer months. It can be hot, hard, physical work, keeping team members fit and saving them a fortune on gym membership fees! During the winter months the temperature may drop, but at busy times – such as Christmas and new years eve – the work is just as intense and physical.

Working for a marquee company may be hard work, but it is highly rewarding too. Our teams form close bonds, they work hard and play hard too. A good sense of humour is almost as important as the tools in the back of the truck!

It takes all sorts to build the perfect marquee

You could be forgiven for thinking that our marquee builders are all burly young blokes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the years we’ve been joined by marquee builders from just about every walk of life. Our team is (perhaps surprisingly) diverse with a wide variety of ages, physiques, and fitness levels on display. We’ve had female marquee labourers, university graduates and former office workers within our teams.

Plus, swelling the ranks of our long-standing marquee professionals are seasonal, casual staff. Often students, their backgrounds are diverse – from training to become a doctor to studying for a military career at Sandhurst. The common thread is a desire to achieve our clients’ expectations and it creates a strong team dynamic.

Are you interested in working for a marquee company?

Whether you are interested in working for us, or hiring a luxury marquee for your next event, why not give get in touch? Call 01483 322070 or email