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Marquee: Pronunciation /ma: ‘ki:/

Definition: A large tent used for social or commercial functions.

What is a marquee? Well, the Oxford English Dictionary defines a marquee as ‘a large tent used for social or commercial functions’… True, yet a very simple description for such a versatile structure!

A marquee is many things to many different people. At its most simple level, a marquee is a temporary structure or venue – but look a little harder and you’ll see that it’s what goes on behind the closed doors (or canvas walls!) of a marquee that really make it what it is…

A nightclub

nightclub marqueeWant to party at home? A marquee can be used to create your very own nightclub! Whether you choose to have a standalone marquee in your garden, or attach an extension marquee to your home – a marquee is a great choice for a temporary nightclub venue.

Dance floors, sophisticated lighting systems, bars, chill out zones, stages and DJ booths can all be incorporated to create a unique and special space all of your very own.

A sophisticated venue for dinner dance functionsDinner dance marquee

Create a private club in the luxury of your own private gardens, or at the venue of your choice. Host a black tie event in a marquee that has been tailored to your own design.

Add a caterers tent so that your caterers can cook your meals fresh, on site and deliver them hot to your guests tables. Include a stage and dance floor to ensure that your ban get the party swinging when the tables have been cleared.

How about a cocktail bar or a gin bar?

Whether you want the excitement of flair bartenders or a sophisticated service; there are lots of bar suppliers working regularly on marquee events, offering a wide variety of bar styles and services to suit all tastes.

A wedding venue

wedding planning, different marqueesA marquee makes the perfect wedding reception venue. What could be more special and personal that hosting your reception in a space designed by you, at a family home or the venue of your choice?

Brick and mortar venues are great and they often offer a range of off the shelf packages making planning your reception simple, quick, easy and… just like every other wedding they host! With a marquee you are guaranteed something unique, special and bespoke to you.

Select your own bar suppliers, caterers, band or DJ. Choose your own hours, your own theming and floristry. Create something that is uniquely you and have a day that will stand out from the crowd; a special day to be remembered by you and your guests for a very long time to come.

A party space

However you like to party, you can create the perfect, bespoke venue with a marquee. Whether you want a sophisticated black tie affair (see above) or an Ibiza themed extravaganza; a marquee is the perfect blank canvas upon which to paint your vision.

In the past we’ve created Great Gatsby themed marquees, nautical themed tents, Oscars parties, 80’s events and many, many more. The marquee provides the backdrop, so let your imagination run wild and create the party of your dreams!

An exhibition space

Whether for a product launch, an art exhibition, a trade show or anything else. An adaptable marquee is the perfect choice of venue. Due to the modular nature of a marquee, its design can be manipulated and modified to create a unique space, featuring different rooms or zones; perfect for exhibitions of all kinds.

A venue for AGM’s and corporate functions

corporate evening event marqueeCreate break out rooms, meeting spaces, exhibition zones and more. Have a large stage for presentations, add screens and projectors too. We can even incorporate full IT networking systems into your marquee.

And it doesn’t have to be all business! Give your delegates a chance to blow off some steam… Why not transform your conference hall into a party zone on the last evening of your function?

From the simple to the sublime, we can create marquees, bespoke designed, that are perfect for every type of corporate or commercial event.

A café, bar or restaurant

Café Marquee HireCreate additional dining space by covering outdoor terrace and gardens with a beautiful marquee structure.

We’ve transformed some unused and unloved spaces with our marquees in the past, creating wonderful outdoor dining and drinking spaces that have helped venues maximise profitability during their busiest times of year.

Whether your looking to extend a café, bar or restaurant during the colder months or looking to create a pretty, weather-proof space for guests to enjoy during the unpredictable British summertime; a marquee is the perfect solution.

A dorm room

Believe it or not, we’ve created marquee dorm rooms, allowing youngsters to have sleepovers – usually after revelling in one of our party marquees!

Ideal during the summer months, these dorm marquees can be as simple or sublime as you wish. We think they’re a great idea. After all, who wants twenty tired and partied out teens traipsing through their house after a night of celebrating with friends?

A gymnasium

Long term marquee hireTake a look at this article featuring a fantastic gym marquee that we created for Brentford Football Club.

There are many reasons for needing temporary facilities such as these on a medium to long term basis. Whether to create a space whilst renovations or building works are carried out, to provide additional facilities for special events or even to create large, safe spaces during a global pandemic…

A swimming pool cover

Long term marquee hire, pool coverOur marquees are regularly used to cover swimming pools. Whether they are covering large pools to extend usability and provide protection during the winter months, or whether to incorporate them into a marquee for an amazing indoor pool party.

Pools make great features at marquee events. We’ve even built marquees over pools ponds and lakes – either showing them off as part of the marquee design, or covering them entirely to create space for the marquee.

And plenty more too!

Marquees are so versatile that we could probably talk about their many uses all day long. It’s almost impossible to list all of the different ways in which our marquees have been used in the past.

We’re able to create unique, bespoke spaces even for the most challenging environments and spaces. Sloping terraces and gardens, over pools, ponds and lakes, incorporating trees, flower beds, statuary and other garden features – for all types of events and occasions.

So, what is a marquee?

What do you want it to be? Why not give us a call to discuss your ideas and we’ll offer free, no obligation advice, guidance and estimates over the telephone.

We would love to hear your ideas for your next marquee even. Call 01483 322070 or email to find out more