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Luxury Marquee

What is a luxury marquee? Well, according to the Cambridge dictionary, luxury means ‘Great comfort, especially as provided by expensive and beautiful things.’ So, is a luxury marquee simply a comfortable, beautiful but expensive indulgence? Or is there a deeper meaning to ‘luxury’?

Let’s explore that definition, and see what ‘luxury’ really means when applied to marquee hire:

What is comfort?

Our friends at the Cambridge dictionary tell us that comfort can be described as ‘Something that makes your life easy and pleasant.’ That sounds nice enough, but dictionary descriptions can be a little bland, perfunctory and unfocused until applied to a specific object or situation.

Luxury marqueeComfort can be felt both physically and mentally. And when it comes to luxury marquee hire, we’re talking about the experience as a whole. From the first moment that you engage with a luxury marquee hire company you should be taken on a journey – and it should be a pleasant one.

Customer service should be excellent from the outset. You should feel listened to, cared for and cared about. The service should be personal and tailored individually to you and your event. When you hire a luxury marquee, you’re not buying an ‘off the shelf’ product, and the experience needs to reflect this from the very start.

A stress free and painless experience

Your marquee supplier should make you feel comfortable from the first time you speak to them, and it should remain that way right to the very end; after the event and even after they have cleared the marquee away. The entire experience should be pain free and stress free.

10 Point Guarantee marquees and eventsAnd of course, the marquee itself should be a comfortable and beautiful space too. Luxury marquee suppliers not only pay great attention to detail when designing and building the marquee structure, they also know where to source the best supporting cast.

This could be in the form of additional equipment such as furniture, bars, lighting and AV equipment. It could also be catering companies, florists, interior designers, theming specialists and entertainers too.

Put simply, you look to hire a luxury marquee because you want to have a fantastic, enjoyable, comfortable experience that results in a beautiful and comfortable entertaining space for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.

And let’s turn it on its head. Would you want a service and/or product that isn’t comfortable? That’s perhaps awkward, difficult and, well… uncomfortable?

‘Expensive’: Is luxury worth it?

Luxury marqueeExpensive is a relative term. It needs to be applied to something in order to make sense. Expensive simply means ‘costing a lot of money’ and the term often conjures up negative connotations. But it shouldn’t.

A commitment to quality takes investment in time, materials and people. When it comes to luxury marquee hire, it means well trained, experienced staff, excellent customer service, the highest quality structures and materials, and a dedication to ‘getting it right’. All of these things cost money, but surely they are worth it?

Luxury marquee hireA luxury marquee isn’t simply a big tent that’s thrown up to provide a bit of cover and protection from the elements. It’s a solid, attractive, safe, and beautiful temporary building; a bespoke venue, designed and built to individual specification. A luxury marquee is a unique and special place to celebrate unique and special occasions.

So, whilst there are always cheaper options out there, and investing in luxury may cost a little more, what you are really paying for is peace of mind, great service, and a fantastic end product too.

So, is luxury marquee hire expensive? It depends upon how you digest the word ‘expensive’. Expensive can be great value for money… And if not luxury, then what?

Luxury marquees cost more than cheap marquees, in the same way that luxury cars cost more than cheap cars, and good quality clothes cost more than low quality clothes. In the end, you get what you pay for.

Summary: What makes a luxury marquee, luxury?

In short, it’s the quality of the end product and the quality of the service that delivers that product from start to finish and beyond.

A luxury marquee is a beautiful thing. The structure itself will be attractive, solid and substantial. The quality of finish will be exceptional. It will be designed, bespoke to your specification, tailored to your event and totally unique to your occasion.

Luxury marquee hireLuxury marquees feature elements such as wooden and carpeted flooring, beautiful lighting schemes, amazing theming and floral displays. They feature designer bars, gorgeous furniture and exterior lighting schemes too.

There are also the important, but probably less exciting sounding elements too. The quality of the structure and materials used in the build for example. Also, items such as luxury toilets and washrooms, full electrical installations, caterers areas, walkways, heating systems, entrances and reception spaces. All essential to a luxury, stress free and comfortable experience and not often included in cheaper marquee hire quotes.

Don’t underestimate the importance of Customer service

Let’s not undersell the importance of that customer service. It’s not just about the way that you are treated from start to finish, it’s about communication too. That means communication between your luxury marquee provider and your other suppliers, as well as with you.

A luxury marquee provider will not only recommend other great service providers, but they will also liaise with and coordinate all of the third party suppliers that are integral to, or reliant upon the marquee build.

They will ensure that the correct electrical installations and AV equipment are supplied and put in place for bands, DJ’s and other entertainers. They will make sure that your caterers area is large enough, stocked with caterers tables, and that it has a suitable electrical supply, the correct number of sockets, and good lighting too. They’ll also make sure that furniture deliveries are coordinated, and that your luxury toilet trailer is installed in the correct position. We could go on!

Luxury marquee hire: Find out more

If you’re considering holding a marquee event, then why not have a chat with us? Luxury service starts from the very first call, so put us to the test! Call 01483 322070 or email sales@Lifestyle marquees to find out more or for a free, no obligation marquee hire estimate.