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Marquee hire costs

Comparing marquee hire costs. When planning a marquee event; be it a wedding, a party, a corporate event, or any other occasion, it’s important to make sure that you get accurate and like for like quotes from all of your potential marquee suppliers.

Not all marquees are created equal…

Marquee hire quotes marquee hire costs…and neither are all marquee quotes! Without structured and clear guidance from the client as to what they want, quotes and estimates will vary, prices will vary and what’s included in each quote will vary too.

Without strong guidance, some marquee companies will provide bottom line figures that account for the structure alone, whereas others will provide comprehensive quotes that include everything that they believe you’ll need for your event.

Working through a pile of unstandardised quotes or estimates is hard work and no fun at all. It will be extremely difficult to compare your marquee hire costs. It will be hard to determine where you’re getting the best value, the most comprehensive set-up and the most suitable marquee for your event.

Some quotes may look attractive because the price is low, others because they seem comprehensive. Different people will be drawn to different quotes for a variety different reasons.

But wouldn’t it be great to have a set of quotes that were standardised?

Whatever you are looking for from your marquee, wouldn’t it be best to ensure that every quote that you compare is like for like? Or as close to like for like as possible? This way it will be easier to compare marquee hire costs. You’ll also find out which elements certain suppliers can and can’t provide, and you’ll probably find out a lot about customer service levels too. Ultimately, you’ll have a set of comparable quotes and will be able to choose the most suitable marquee supplier for you, your event and your budget.

But don’t forget…

Not all marquees are created equal! Once you’ve seen the numbers, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Look at each company’s website carefully. Check their image library, watch their videos and read their reviews and testimonials.

Which companies offer guarantees? How suitable are each potential supplier’s structures in different weather conditions and at different times of year? How long have they been in operation and how much experience do they have?

Different suppliers use different marquee structures and materials for their builds. These elements can vary greatly and can make a big difference to the look, feel and strength of the finished marquee. Read this article to find out more on how ‘not all marquees are created equal’.

Gathering like for like estimates and quotes

When you first set out to gather marquee hire quotes you may not know all of the ins and outs of exactly what you want. That’s fine, it’s a voyage of discovery! The more you talk to suppliers the more you’ll come to understand.

That said, you need a starting point, so it’s advisable that you have some idea of what you might be looking for before contacting companies for quotes. The detail can come later, but  to begin with, we would suggest that you consider the following:

  • Approximately how many guests will attend your event?
  • What type of event is it? A wedding, party, conference, or something else?
  • Will your guests be dining?
  • Will you require a caterers area? (Where your caterers can cook or prepare food).
  • Will there be dancing?
  • Are you having a band or a DJ?
  • Do you need toilets?
  • Are you having a bar?
  • Do you want heaters?
  • Would you like furniture? If so, what? Tables, chairs etc.
  • Where will the event be held? At a private home or at a venue?
  • What surface will the marquee sit upon? Lawn, hard-standing etc.

Comparing marquee hire costs

When the time comes, make sure that you interrogate each estimate or quote thoroughly. Check that everything that you’ve requested has been included. If anything is missing, go back to the company to find out why. Perhaps they can’t cater for that element or perhaps they simply forgot to add it. This is important as it all helps build a picture of the different suppliers, their capabilities and their levels of service.

The marquee hire costs presented on each quote are bound to vary. Remember that there are lots of reasons for this. Quality of equipment used, levels of customer service and so on. As with any product, you get what you pay for. Each marquee company will have a set formular for calculating prices – no one is pulling figures out of the air, so if one company charges more than another, there will be a good reason. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Time to get the ball rolling?

If you are ready to start gathering estimates and quotes then please get in touch with our team. Bear in mind the list of considerations that we have provided above and we will be able to provide you (initially) with a ballpark estimate over the phone.

If you’re happy with the estimate then we will be more than happy to come and see you and discuss your plans in more detail, before providing you with a comprehensive quote.

You can contact us by email or by calling 01483 322070.