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Temporary structures

Temporary structures are a great way to answer medium to long term space requirements. There are lots of reasons why businesses and organisations struggle with inadequate facilities; building work, renovations, seasonal demand, growth – a global pandemic that requires social distancing measures!

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to put up with a lack of suitable space. Temporary structures such as marquees are available for medium to long term hire. Let’s explore some ways in which temporary structures – such as marquees, can make a difference to you and your business:

Space is important to your employees

Temporary structuresNobody wants to work in a space that’s inadequate. Employees working in cramped conditions, struggling to find stock, or unable to find suitable break time facilities often become dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction can lead to demotivation and decreased productivity.

It sounds extreme, but the workplace environment is crucial to employee motivation, which is in turn crucial to business success. In fact, according to research by Forbes, 87% of employees state that they would like their employers to offer them a healthier workspace.

Even if the need is ‘short term’ in business terms, it could feel long term to employees. It’s simply not worth ignoring the needs of your workforce when there are suitable space creating solutions available.

Time is money, money is time!

Overcrowded workspace can cost you valuable time. Employees searching for well-hidden stock or tripping over one another in order to fulfil order requests will make your business less productive.

Businesses need to run like clockwork in order to be successful. Many businesses have worked extremely hard to get the processes and procedures in place to facilitate the smooth running of the operation. In times of growth or unexpected change these processes and procedures can be challenged. But there’s no need to let physical workspace become one of those challenges.

Whether facilities are being updated, expanded or moved on from, there’s no need to suffer the consequences of an inadequate space, even if only in the short term. Temporary structures such as marquees – hired on a medium to long term basis – can provide the perfect solution.

Temporary structures as seasonal solutions

You may not need to increase the physical size of your business premises on a permanent basis. In fact, your space may be more than adequate for your purposes for the majority of the year. However, if your business sees seasonal increases in demand at certain times of the year then temporary structures like marquees can provide a fantastic solution to your space vs demand based challenges.

Being able to hold extra stock or create extra retail space during the festive season is one example of how marquees can help you add to your bottom line when the opportunity presents itself. Additional seating for cafes, pubs and restaurants during the colder months of the years can help hospitality businesses to take advantage of increased demand and maximise profits too.

Temporary structures can be used in a variety of different ways. They can be designed and built to meet the requirements for each specific situation. Whether the need is simply for functional storage space or a beautiful, on brand retail facility, temporary structures such as marquees can be designed and adapted to meet the brief.

Find out how temporary structures could benefit your business

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