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Stress Free Marquee Hire

Stress free marquee hire. Doesn’t sound like too much to ask does it? Yet how many companies actually offer to guarantee customer experience as well as their end product? Only one that we know of – us!

Why do I need a stress free marquee hire guarantee?

Party marquees party marquee hire, frame tent marquees stress free marquee hireWhen you hire a marquee what you are really doing is asking for a temporary venue to be designed and built from scratch, bespoke to your requirements, event and available space. That involves structure design and layout planning, electrical systems, catering areas, flooring, furniture, heating, windows, doors, bars, dancefloors, toilets and more.

And don’t forget, these are all usually installed within a matter of two or three days, ready for you to use and enjoy. A few days after your event the entire set up will be removed, hopefully leaving the installation site pretty much as it was before the installation took place!

Planning & coordination

There’s a lot of pre planning, coordination and communication required in advance of the build days too. That’s communication between you, any third party suppliers and your marquee company. It doesn’t take much for things to go wrong, and with so many elements reliant upon one another, it’s crucial that nothing is missed.

A great marquee supplier will keep on top of the communication, will ensure that every element is carefully coordinated with you and any other suppliers too. Peace of mind is an underrated asset and one that we are happy to guarantee as part of our marquee hire package.

You’re trusting us with your home

Marquee Build stress free marquee hireMany marquees are built at private residences. This means that carefully curated lawns, flowerbeds, ornaments, trees, pathways and so on could be at risk if the marquee supplier doesn’t take adequate care.

It’s not simply breakages we’re talking about here. It’s taking the time to lay down matting in high traffic areas so that lawns aren’t worn out or damaged. Tidying up carefully post marquee build and removal. Consideration as to where heavy or large pieces of equipment, or vehicles should be left. It’s about taking the time to work in a way that is respectful of a clients space, privacy and property.

You want your marquee event to live long in your memory; but not because of tyre tracks, divots or broken tree branches left behind by a careless marquee builder!

Our stress free marquee hire guarantee

10 Point Guarantee marquees and eventsWhen we decided to create our 10 point service guarantee, we wanted to ensure it guaranteed our customers were taken care of from the first moment that we spoke to them, through their event, with our post event service and beyond.

We wanted to guarantee that we would offer free and impartial advice from the beginning, and throughout the entire marquee hire process. That our customers could feel safe in the knowledge that there were no hidden costs. That their property, homes and gardens would be respected, looked after and left as we found them post event.

But more than that, we wanted to guarantee that our customers would receive unrivaled, exceptional levels of service throughout too.

Take a look at our 10 point STRESS FREE marquee hire guarantee

We thought that it would be fun to create a mnemonic to convey our stress free marquee hire guarantee. So, using the letters from STRESS FREE seemed the obvious way to go!

Click on this link to see our guarantee listed out in full! We hope that you like it and that it highlights our service commitment to you.

Stress free marquee hire guaranteed

Talk to us. Exceptional service is guaranteed from the off! We have been supplying luxury marquees for over 40 years. That’s a lot of marquee design and build experience. It’s also the reason that we are the only company that we are aware of with the confidence to offer such a guarantee. Call 01483 322070 or email to start a conversation and find out how we can help you create a stress free event!