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Stretch tent

The stretch tent is a unique and attractive type of marquee, and an interesting alternative to the contemporary frame tent or traditional pole marquees.

Instead of using an internal metal framework (like the frame tent) or a series of large, very tall central wooden poles and guy ropes (as per the traditional pole marquee), the stretch tent is created by stretching a large piece of waterproof fabric over a series of free-standing poles, secured in place by guy ropes.

Why hire a Stretch tent?

Because shape is dictated by the placement of the internal poles, when completed, each stretch tent has a unique look, feel and organic shape of its own.

Stretch Tent MarqueeIt’s due to this unique look and feel that the stretch tent stands apart from other types of marquees. Stretch tents may not be the most practical choice, but what they lack in practicality, they more than make up for in style!

Stretch tents can look stunning in the right location. Depending on internal pole heights and placement choices, the sides can undulate between high open entrances and low sections that sweep down to touch the ground.

Beautiful lighting schemes, floral displays, bunting, furniture choices and other design touches really set the space off. And because of their organic shape, they look fabulous in almost any outdoor setting.

Are there any down sides?

Stretch tentThe stretch tent comes into its own on a warm, sunny summers day. It provides a beautiful focal point for any event, and it offers shelter from the sun.

However, with its uniquely shaped and open sides, it can be difficult (though not impossible) to close the sides of the structure if the weather gods are not on board with your plans…

Either way, the stretch tent is made for beautiful weather. Adding sides is the equivalent of having to put the roof up on your convertible if the weather turns sour in mid-summer. Frustrating and missing the point.

Stretch tent sizes

Stretch tent marquee SurreyStretch tents are available to hire in a variety of sizes. They vary from small to very large. Remember that you will need space around the marquee that is larger than the footprint of the stretch tent structure; this is due to the need for guy ropes to secure the tent in place.

Also, because the edges of the stretch tent will curve downwards, you will need to make sure that you take any lost/unusable space into account when choosing the size of marquee for your party, wedding reception or event.

Key considerations

  • Ultra-stylish and unique appearance
  • Internal poles and guy ropes – installation requires space larger than the footprint of the marquee
  • Due to the curved shape, some space around the edges of the structure may not be useable
  • No internal lining required (in fact, stretch tents can’t be lined)
  • Due to the opacity of material, they let in more light than other marquee structures – especially during bright summer months. This can be viewed as a positive or a negative depending upon your vision for your event
  • Stretch tents can’t be easily closed off to the elements to provide protection from rain and breezes
  • Cannot have doors or window walls
  • Organic shape means they look stunning in most outdoor locations
  • Unique and adaptable shape depending upon placement of internal poles
  • Waterproof material (but beware of open sides!)

Would you like to discuss stretch tent hire?

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