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The see-through marquee has become an increasingly popular choice, especially since Pippa Middleton chose to hold her wedding in a huge, glass marquee structure back in 2017.

It’s been reported that the structure had to be flown in from Belgium, and cost around £100,000 to hire and install. But you don’t need to fork out six figures to produce a similarly stunning effect.

A clear PVC marquee is a great alternative. These fantastic structures bring together design, flexibility and style, with a budget that won’t break the bank.

Should it be an entirely see-through marquee?See-through marquee

A see-through marquee is undoubtedly beautiful, but there are a few things that should be considered when planning your party or wedding space. Whilst an entirely see-through marquee might seem like the perfect choice, you’ll need to plan your marquee carefully.
There are lots of great scenarios in which a see-through marquee is a fantastic choice, but there are plenty of reasons for considering a partially clear structure too…

See-through marquee versus sunny weather

If your wedding or party will be taking place at the height of summer, you might want to consider ‘the Greenhouse effect’. No, we’re not talking global warming; we’re talking about creating a glass hothouse better suited to growing tomatoes than to entertaining guests.

Dancefloors popping

Sounds great! But we don’t mean that your party will be going off, with guests throwing shapes and having the time of their lives.
A dancefloor situated directly under a clear roof is subject to extreme temperatures, and we’ve seen them warp and pop out of their seams!

Too much of a good thing?

It is possible to have too much of a good thing. Having see through side and roof panels all around could be too much. The overall look, feel and impact created by the clear panels could be lost.

Marquees are modular structures, so design and styling can be really flexible. The see-through marquee elements could be used to create statement areas, creating the wow factor and giving guests something amazing to remember.

How to get the impact of a see-through marquee without going all in

Avoid creating a greenhouse

See-through marqueeConsider having one end of the marquee completely clear but give the other end a traditional PVC roof. This will help protect the dancefloor and will create interesting zones within the marquee too.

Add roof sails

Roof sales look stunning in see-through marquee rooves. They add style and also provide a little shade too. In the evening roof sales can be up-lit with coloured LED lights to create a beautiful effect.

Have clear ends and sides but keep the top covered

An alternative to having one end clear and the other end covered is to go half and half, top to bottom. Keep the fury of the summer sun at bay but enjoy sunlight and scenery all around.

Consider: It gets dark late in the summer

Don’t forget that it can be bright well into the evening during the summer months. So, if you want to create a cosy, intimate affair, or a nightclub style party space plan your see-through marquee space carefully. Talks to us, we’ll be able to make suggestions.

Beautiful in winter

See-through marqueeA see-through marquee can be beautiful in the winter. Perfect lighting, great interior design, cosy furniture and, of course, heaters, make for a fabulous party of wedding space.

Because the sun sets early, a clear marquee can look especially inviting during the colder months. Uplight trees, statuary, and buildings. Create a whimsical pathway leading to the marquee and light it with flaming torches or festoon lighting.

Discuss your marquee venue with us

We offer completely clear or partially clear marquees and our design teams are experts in coming up with the best designs, carefully tailored to each individual event and location. Call 01483 322070 or email for a no obligation chat and estimate.