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When you’ve been working in the events industry as long as we have you see a lot of things… We’ve become experts at building marquees in unusual and awkward spaces and we pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions to almost any marquee based challenge.

Considering marquee hire…

…but not sure whether your garden space is suitable? We may able to be able to help.

There are lots of ‘obstacles’ to marquee hire that may not be obstacles at all.  In this blog we’ll discuss a few of these seemingly awkward spaces and explain how we’ve previously worked with them, around them or turned them in to highlights for our clients and their events.

Garden features…

…can become marquee features. Garden fixtures such as flower beds, statues, ponds, pergolas and small trees can all be built into the marquee.

It’s actually a fantastic way to personalise your event. A pond with a fountain creates a wonderful feature for a marquee wedding, so rather than viewing your garden ornaments as limiting factors, see them as features.

Marquees over swimming pools

Swimming pools, ponds and other water features can be built into your marquee design. They can become a feature, even a highlight of the event.

However, if you don’t want to incorporate your pond or swimming pool within the marquee then we can simply build over it.

A marquee in the garden: Marquee over swimming pool

Image courtesy of Addo Events

To cover pools and ponds we use raised boarded flooring. This protects your water feature whilst providing a safe and sturdy framework upon which we can build your marquee, and is ideal for creating flat spaces where there may not otherwise be room for a marquee.

Have you ever considered…

…having a marquee built on your tennis court?

Believe it or not a tennis court is a perfect space for a marquee. If you don’t have space elsewhere on your property then a marquee on a tennis court can hold up to 250 guests for dining and dancing with space for a caterers tent too.

tennis court marquee hire marquees on tennis courts

We often build marquees over tennis courts and understand exactly what is needed to ensure an installation that creates an amazing event space, whilst protecting the playing surface beneath. Read this article to find out more.

Marquees on sloped ground

You may think that sloped ground is a ‘no-no’ for marquee hire, but there are solutions that can make it possible even if the slope is fairly pronounced. Raised boarded flooring can be used to even out slopes and in extreme cases extra scaffolding can be brought in to support the raised flooring.

Indoor marquees

Sounds ridiculous, but we’ve done it! So, why would you want a marquee inside? A good example would be the indoor marquee in a warehouse that recently erected to host guests at the launch of a catering and events company’s new premises.

The fully heated marquee transformed a very functional, high roofed and industrial space into an attractive party area where canapés, bowl food and cocktails were served.

House extension marquees

We build a lot of house extension marquees, particularly over the winter months when additional entertaining space is needed.

House extensions are a specialty of ours. They can be seamlessly attached to the house, keeping the rain out and the heat in. House extension marquees are ideal when space is limited and are often used for dancing – think night club area – or to create extra dining space.

Extension marquees winter party tips

Marquees in tiered gardens

If your garden steps down then you might not think that the space is suitable for a marquee. It depends upon the individual case, but we’ve built plenty of marquees in tiered garden spaces.

Our marquee legs are 2.4m tall but can be extended to 3m to allow for stepped marquee sections. The example shown in this image stepped down from a raised patio onto the lawn below.

A series of marquees were used in conjunction to create a bespoke solution that was perfect for the clients needs within a challenging and unusually shaped space.

Marquees in unusual spaces – can we help you?

We love to build marquees in unusual spaces! Have you got a challenging garden space? Can we help? We offer no obligation site visits and quotations. We’d be more than happy to visit you and discuss the marquee options for your space. Contact our team on 01483 322070 or email