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Marquees and rain: It’s been one of those summers – again! Despite the fact that most marquee events are booked for the summer months, our Great British summertime isn’t exactly reliable when it comes to the weather…

Don’t worry, our marquees are waterproof and rated to withstand gusts of wind of up to 80mph, so we’re all set for a summer (or winter) of fun, regardless of what mother nature decides to toss our way!

Marquees and rain: Be prepared

Wet weather marquees, marquees and rainThere’s a reason that the Boy Scouts adopted the motto ‘Be prepared’: Whatever you plan, there’s always a chance that life will throw you a curveball. But prepare for a multitude of possible outcomes and you’ll be far less likely to be caught off guard.

When it comes to planning any type of outdoor event, having contingency plans in place to cope with changes in the weather is always a really great idea. Marquees and rain go surprisingly well together, yet there are still a few sensible steps to put in place to ensure that your event doesn’t turn out to be a damp squib…

Marquees and rain: Getting to the marquee

If it rains on the day of your event, don’t worry. Once you’re inside the marquee you’re fine. But don’t forget to consider how your guests will get to the marquee in the first place.

If your marquee is situated on a lawn then wet weather could cause the ground to become soft and muddy. Additionally, if the weather has been particularly wet in the run-up to your event, your guests could find themselves dodging puddles in order to get to the venue. So what can you do?

Consider creating a walkway

winter marquee covered walkwayAsk your marquee supplier to create a walkway using coconut matting or wooden flooring. This way your guests are more likely to reach the marquee with clean shoes and dry trouser and dress hems! Additionally, you’ll be far less likely to see mud traipsed all over your lovely marquee venue space.

A covered walkway is a great option if your budget can stretch to it. If not, consider supplying umbrellas for your guests to use as they make their way to the marquee. Your guests will be grateful, nobody wants to spend an evening in damp clothing; your event is far more likely to be a success if your guests are comfortable!

Party marquee tips: Marquee types, marquees and rainCreate a reception and cloakroom area

Pagoda marquees (sometimes referred to as Chines hats) are a great addition to any marquee set up – regardless of the weather. Pagodas are attractive, peak topped marquees that make wonderful entrances, reception spaces and cloakroom areas.

A pagoda entrance gives your guests a place to take off wet coats and smooth down ruffled hair when the weather gods have been in a particularly mischievous mood. What’s more, they look amazing and bring a real wow factor to any event.

But we wanted reception drinks on the lawn!

Whilst we put every effort into ensuring that all aspects your marquee are perfect, the one thing we’re not in control of is the weather…

Reception drinks on the lawn would be wonderful, but if the weather has other plans then so should you. The afore mentioned pagoda marquee reception space is a great wet weather contingency plan; but if you are looking to avoid additional costs then drinks on the dance floor are a great option instead.

Let us help you plan your next event

We live and breath marquee events and there aren’t many scenarios that we haven’t seen. We build marquees in awkward and challenging locations, we create marquee venues to meet complex client  briefs – and we create wet weather contingency plans bespoke to marquee location, event type and budget.

Why not give us a call and discuss the plans for your upcoming event? We offer no obligation estimates, quotes and site visits. Call 01483 322070 or email