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Winter marquees or summer marquees – The frame tent is truly a marquee for all seasons

Marquees make great venues all year around and winter marquees are as popular as they have ever been. No matter the season, there is a marquee suitable for every occasion.

Almost everyone wants a spring or summer wedding, meaning lots of competition for dates and, with the best suppliers usually booked up well in advance, lots of compromises to be made in other areas too.

So why not consider a winter wedding? There are often great ‘Off season’ deals to be had and a winter marquee makes for a beautiful and unique celebration space that you and your guests are likely to remember forever.

Birthdays too – We may not have a say on the date of our birthdays, but why should that determine how or where we celebrate?

But doesn’t the weather have a say?

So, storm Erik visited our shores in February, having had such a great time he recommended storm Freya pop over and see the place too – you know, before Brexit and all that.
Winter marquees
Well, Freya’s whistle-stop tour of the UK has come to an end and storm Gareth has arrived hot on her tail – having read Freya’s postcards he’s excited to explore the Home Counties for himself.

Yes, it’s the windy season, and so far we have seen gusts of up to 60mph in inland areas; and if you combine the winds with the persistent rain we’ve also been seeing, you may be wondering why anyone would even consider holding an event in a marquee at this time of year. It’s a good question…

Well here’s the good news!

Lifestyle marquees’s marquees are rated to withstand wind gusts of up to 80mph! Using the best marquee equipment available, Lifestyle marquees is able to supply solid and stable Frame Tent structures all year around – a boast that not all marquee suppliers can make.

With an air vented heating system, boarded and carpeted floor, lighting and cosy lining a Frame tent is a versatile and extremely viable alternative to a standard brick built venue.

winter marqueesDuring warmer, dryer months (not that those are ever a given in the UK), it’s possible to use garden or grounds to create additional outdoor party or reception space – a solution that may not be possible during the other seven or eight months of the year; and so this is where a marquee venue  comes into its own.

An adaptable and flexible solution, the marquee can be closed up to keep guests warm and cosy even on the worst weather days. When the sun shines they can be opened up to keep guests cool and to allow them to enjoy the outdoor space too.

House extension marquees

During the cooler months a marquee house extension is a fantastic solution.

If you would like some additional Winter marqueesentertaining space but do not require one of Lifestyle marquees’s full winter marquees, then a house extension marquee could be perfect for you.

House extension marquees fit snugly to your home, using gutter joins between the property and the marquee to carry away rain water, heaters to combat the cold and a boarded, carpeted floor for extra cosiness. Built using a Frame tent structure, these clever little marquee solutions are wind rated for gusts of up to 80mph, are warm and dry and create a beautiful extra room -perfect for dining, dancing or just hanging out.

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about our winter marquees, or marquees for any time of the year – just call or email and we will be more than happy to offer advice , guidance and quotations.