Wedding marquee hire bespoke marquees

Welcome to our guide to wedding marquee hire. A simple set of reasons that set out to explain exactly why hiring a marquee for your wedding is the right choice!


If you want your wedding to be a unique, fun and memorable occasion for you and your guests, hire a marquee! Every marquee we create is a unique space tailored to each of our client’s specifications. With wedding marquee hire you can pretty much guarantee that no other bride and groom will ever have a venue like yours… here’s why:

Wedding marquee hire – at home

What could be more special than holding your wedding reception in a location that is personal to you? At your own house? A relative’s home that holds special and unique memories? Or even at the family home that you grew up in? It’s a fantastic way to guarantee you’ll have a wedding venue that no one else has ever had before.

Marquees are extremely versatile and can be built to suit the space that’s available. We regularly build marquees over pools, ponds, flowerbeds and other garden features; often incorporating them into the design. Sloping ground and even tiered terraces don’t pose a problem; we have solutions that will allow us to use them to create a more interesting and personal space for you and your guests to enjoy.


There are different marquee styles to choose from

Whether you want a festival style wedding, a traditional wedding or a contemporary wedding venue, there’s a marquee out there for you. Why not click here and have a read of our guide titled ‘which marquee is best for my event?’. The guide offers descriptions of the different marquee styles on offer, explains the pros and cons of each and details which types of events each marquee style is best suited for.

A marquee puts you in control

Without getting into the boring technical details, it’s simplest to describe a marquee as a modular structure that can be used to create a temporary venue space… what you do with that space is up to you; this is where the difference between a marquee venue and a hired bricks and mortar space becomes clear.

With a marquee at a private venue you won’t be subject to the types of restrictions so often imposed by traditional permanent venues. You’ll be able to choose your own event timings, florists, interior designs, lighting styles, entertainment, bars and caterers.

At Lifestyle marquees, we don’t simply supply a canvas or PVC box, we create an interesting and unique structure, upon which you can impress your individual style. We can help with that too. We can organise furniture hire, lighting, draping, bars and more. In fact way more than we can simply list here. Speak to a member of our team to find out more.


A marquee is a blank canvas upon which to stamp your mark.

We’ve touched upon it in the section above. One of the main benefits of holding your wedding in a marquee is that you can make it your own. The marquee itself is merely a blank canvas. Choose the style of furniture that you like best, the colours for the linings. Choose your lighting scheme, dance floor, floristry, carpet colour and more.

If you want clear wall panels, roof sections, or even an entirely clear marquee, you can have it! Add a beautiful starcloth ceiling, roof sails, glitter drapes. Create a attractive reception space for drinks and canapes. Build separate chill out zones with relaxed, low level furniture. The options are seemingly endless; we can guide you, source and manage the suppliers you’ll need and we can help you to plan everything out, but it will be your unique venue and you’ll be in control.


Are you considering wedding marquee hire?

Why not talk to us? We offer free, no obligation advice and hire cost estimates over the phone. And after that, if you think marquee hire might work for you, we’ll come out and see you for a free, no obligation site visit. At our site visits we always take a consultative approach – finding out what you want and offering advice and guidance to help you shape your dream.

We’ll share images, videos and will supply you with a fully itemised quotation and individually designed floorplan for your potential marquee. Call 01483 322070 or email to find out more.