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Top ten tips for hiring a marquee bespoke marquees

Our Top Ten Tips For Hiring a Marquee

We could probably write a hundred! But here, in no particular order, are our Top Ten Tips For Hiring a Marquee.

  1. Remember, you get what you pay for

Marquees come in all shapes, sizes and levels of quality. From simple, lightweight pipework structures that can be delivered in the back of a van and slotted together over the course of a morning; to those with large and sturdy metal framework that require trucks and a team of experienced marquee riggers to construct over the course of a couple of days.

They are all referred to as marquees, so be sure to check what you’re going to be getting before signing on the dotted line.

  1. Make sure you get an experienced marquee supplier

Marquee companies, much like the marquees they supply, range in quality too. Do your homework and make sure that the supplier you choose has a proven track record.

How long have they been operating? A company that’s been around for years is bound to be doing something right!

  1. Check out who they know

A good marquee supplier will have built strong relationships with other industry service providers such as caterers, event planners, venues and bar suppliers. The quality of supplier that they associate with is a pretty good indication of the standard of marquee supplier that they are.

  1. What types of events have they done in the past?

Are they focused on village fete’s, high end weddings, parties or elaborate corporate events? There will be lots of clues on their website, but don’t be afraid to phone up and ask either. Many companies cover a variety of event types, so don’t be put off by that; however, if you’re looking at a company that focuses on providing pop up pagodas for country markets and you’re planning a showcase wedding, you might want to consider another supplier…

  1. Take a close look at their website

This is their shop window, so peer into it! Check out their image libraries, blogs and testimonials. See if they offer a guarantee. Does the website suggest quality? Is the site well written? The website is an invaluable tool when it comes to judging the quality of a potential marquee supplier.

  1. Pick their brains

They are the experts and they’ve built lots of marquees in many different locations for a wide variety of event types and clients. Ask plenty of questions and be as technical as you like. A good supplier should be able to offer advice and solutions and should be able to ease any concerns that you might have relating to marquee supply. If they can’t – look elsewhere.

  1. Book a site visit

An estimate over the telephone is all good and well but there’s no substitute for meeting potential suppliers in person. Most marquee companies will insist on a site visit before offering a firm quotation or confirming a booking. If they don’t then alarm bells should start ringing!

At a site visit the marquee supplier will ask careful questions about your event and they will measure up the available space and offer guidance and advice too.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to check them out and see just how professional they really are. Do they look the part? Are they smart, knowledgeable and friendly? Do they talk as though they care about your event or are they more interested in getting in and out of the door and off to their next site visit?

  1. Check out exactly what they will be providing

It can be dangerous to compare quotes on price alone. Some suppliers simply quote for a marquee – which is probably all that you asked for; but others provide a far more comprehensive package for their fee. It’s not just the quality of the structure but also the quality of the service that they will provide that dictates the bottom-line cost.

Lifestyle marquees, for example, ensure that all furniture is delivered into the marquee and laid out rather than left for you to lug up to the party site once the suppliers have clocked off for the day. Admittedly, this is a rare level of service, but a perfect example of a company that goes the extra mile for their clients.

A good supplier will coordinate the marquee build in conjunction with your other service providers and suppliers. They will liaise with your catering company to ensure that the right power points are provided; and that the marquees power source can handle any load required by caterers, bands and lighting demands.

Great suppliers will include lots of other items that you may not have considered within their quote – which leads us to our next point….

  1. Get an itemised quotation

It sounds obvious, but for the price conscious it is often the total price that dictates their final decision; yet you simply wouldn’t operate that way when buying other products and services, so why wouldn’t you want to see exactly what your getting for your money when you hire a marquee?

A good supplier will include vital elements such as a power supply, lighting, flooring, linings and heating. Many will include furniture hire, bar hire, a dancefloor and an area for your caterers within their quotes too. The lower the initial quote, the more likely it will be that you are charged additional fees for these items when you need add them in further along the line.

  1. Book well in advance

The best suppliers are usually fully booked well in advance of the spring and summer event season. If you want a good, reliable company to provide your marquee, and if you don’t want to compromise on your ideal event date in order to secure them, you should make enquiries as far in advance as possible.

Interested in finding out more?

Okay, so those are our top ten tips for hiring a marquee – but we have plenty more great advice to offer! Contact our team on 01483 322070 or email for a free, no obligation quotation, or just some friendly advice on hiring your perfect marquee.