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What could be more fun than a summer party? If you’re planning a summer party then there are a few things for you to think about, and plenty of organising to do too. So, here are a few ideas to get your summer party planning off to a flying start.

Create a focal point

Everybody knows that the kitchen becomes the focal point at every house party! It’s the area that people gravitate to. It’s where the cold drinks can be found, snacks can be had and where we can gather, chat and get away from the general hubbub.

Summer partyYou’re probably planning to hold your summer party outside, most likely in your back garden. It’s important to create an outdoor focal point, otherwise you could find that guests are still drawn to the kitchen, especially on a hot summers’ day.

Consider creating a shaded area where people can escape the sun, and shelter from the heat of the day. Set out some casual furniture, an outdoor sofa set, some beanbags or cushions too. Old boxes or wooden crates make wonderful rustic tables, as do barrel poseur tables – which are readily available for hire.

This is also a great location for your bar. Whether it simply consists of a couple of ice buckets, a few old wooden pallets you’ve nailed together, a trestle table or something altogether more sophisticated doesn’t really matter. The point is to give guests a place to hang out, where they can grab a drink, chat, snack and relax.

Summer party spaces

Small marquees, or pagodas are perfect for creating a shaded focal point. Not only do they look attractive, but they create an ultra-useable, adaptable space too.

Summer partyMarquees can feature side walls on one, two, three, or even all four sides. These walls can be opened up, or even removed to offer views or to allow breezes. Alternatively, marquees can be ‘top only’ – meaning that they have no side walls, just a roof to keep the sun at bay.

Whatever your preference, whatever your budget, there’ll be a marquee solution that’s perfect for you.

If you want your daytime party to turn into a night-time soiree, then this is where a marquee can really come into its own. Simply replace, or close the side walls, turn on the lights, pump up the music and party the night away!

Summer party games

Party games are fun. But not everybody enjoys organised activities at parties. So why not offer up some casual, fun activities that your guests can dip in or out of at their leisure?

Giant Jenga is always a winner, and why not set out a croquet ‘lawn’ or put up a badminton, or volleyball net. Kubb, a Swedish game where the objective is to knock over a series of wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them, can be played in teams or just by one or two players.

There are lots of different lawn games available to buy, but you can make your own too! Ring toss, lawn darts, corn holes, ball and barrel games to mention but a few…

Summer party music

Summer partyMusic really sets the scene and can also set the tone for your party. If you’re looking for a chilled-out vibe at your party, then choose suitable music to play as guests arrive and settle in. You can move to a more upbeat, or cheesier selection as the evening progresses!

Streaming services are a great way to take the stress out of compiling a playlist that will suit a multitude of musical tastes. But if you can’t get your streaming service to work outside then either play music from a portable device or go old-school and set out a selection of CD’s (or even vinyl – if you trust your guests!) for party goers to choose from.

Alternatively, why not hire musicians? A band, or even roaming musicians who will mingle with guests while they play. Professional entertainers will bring a new dimension to your summer party. They don’t need to be there for the entire event, but perhaps for a set or two, either during the day (ideal for roaming bands), or in the evening to really kick things up a gear.

Summer party food

Gastro cateringSummer party

Courtesy of Gastro Catering

Everybody loves a barbecue – but do you really want to be stuck at the grill all afternoon? Surely not! You want to be socialising with your friends, family and loved ones!

You could set out a buffet spread, but there’s a lot of prep involved, your sandwiches could go dry in the heat, and who’s going to keep the flies away?

Why not hire in professional caterers? It will cost a little more than self catering, but will reduce the pressure on you, deliver great food, freshly made or cooked, and your guests will love it.

Professional caterers offer all kinds of different services. From street food stalls to barbecues, buffets, sit down meals and even bowl (or platter) food offered to guests by wandering waiters.

For something different, why not consider offering your guests picnic boxes? Whether professionally made or prepared by you – have a selection of picnic boxes ready for your guests to grab and set out some blankets and beanbags for them to sit on. Your guests will love this fun and unusual summer party food twist.

Planning a summer party

If you’re planning a summer party and would be interested in using a marquee to create a social focal point then why not talk to us? We offer no obligation estimates over the phone and have lots of ideas we can share with you.

We don’t offer gazebo hire, we design and create exceptional marquee spaces for parties large and small. A Chinese hat pagoda (or two) would be our suggestion for a simple, but attractive space, or if you’re looking for something larger we can create an adaptable day/night marquee space that’s perfect for your summer party.

Call 01483 322070 or to find out more.

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