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retail extension marquees

Are you looking to increase covers and seating capacity in your restaurant, bar or pub? We offer restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees that could be just what you need at your eatery or drinking establishment.

Temporary structuresOriginally offered as an autumn and winter solution, our restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees allow busy inns, eateries and bars to utilise the outdoor spaces, gardens and terraces that are so popular during the summer months, to house a marquee.

Whilst our marquees can be used as standalone structures, they are ideally suited for creating seamless extensions from buildings to increase useable dining and entertaining space. A great way to increase capacity during the colder months.

A ‘ready to go’ entertaining space

Retail extension marquee, restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees A marquee is often viewed as a simple canvas or PVC box, but our marquees are so much more! Our restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees can be styled and themed to match your interior decor, or to match the season. They are supplied fully lined, with fully carpeted wooden flooring, heating, lighting and electrics. Working with one of our partner companies we can even supply complete AV, entertainment and internet connectivity solutions too.

Our marquee heating solution is whisper quiet, blowing warm air into the marquee via a thermostat controlled, floor vented system. The temperature controls are fully accessible from within the marquee, even though the heaters themselves are stored outside. We’ll be able to calculate the number of heaters that you’ll need, and the optimal positioning for them based upon the size and exact design of your marquee.

Find out more about our restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees

Every installation is different and every marquee that we create is unique. We offer free, no obligation estimates over the telephone and would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. If you like the sound of our restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees then we would be happy to visit your premises to conduct a full site survey and to provide you with a quotation.

Contact us on 01483 322070 or email to find out more.