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Choose a marquee

Why choose a marquee for your event? There are plenty of stunning, ready to go venues available for hire, so why go through the process of hiring a marquee and why put in the effort involved in designing your own venue?

We think that the answer is in the question… but for those that need a little more convincing, here are 9 reasons to choose a marquee for your next event:

Create your very own bespoke venue

Why go to the effort of designing your own venue? Because it’s personal to and purpose built especially for you and your unique event!

A bricks and mortar venue might be the easy option, offering off the shelf packages and a standardised list of suppliers, menus and drinks lists – but do you really want what everybody else has had? Wouldn’t you rather create something special that you and your guests can enjoy?

Hire a marquee and your supplier will work with you to design a unique space that is tailored to you, your event and to your space – be that at home or at an outdoor venue of your choice.

You’re in charge of interior design

what is the difference between a gazebo and a marquee? How big a marquee for choose a marqueeWhether you choose to decorate the marquee yourself or get the professionals in to do it for you; your marquee is a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into your dream venue.

From lighting schemes to furniture, floristry, theming and props, the sky is the limit. Just let your creative juices flow!

Don’t worry if interior design isn’t your thing, your marquee supplier will be able to guide you and they’ll be able to recommend some fantastically creative people – from florists to theming specialists – who can help you too.

You get to choose your own suppliers

Creating your own venue means that you get to choose your own suppliers too. Certain outdoor venues may offer a carefully curated list of suppliers for you to choose from, but will likely be open to you bringing your own teams on board. If you are holding your event at a private venue, such as your own home – then the sky is the limit.

Choose your own caterers, bar suppliers, theming company, florists and entertainment. If you don’t have specific suppliers in mind then your marquee company will be able to make recommendations  based upon theirs and their previous clients experiences.

Showcase your house and gardens

Reasons to choose a marqueeHaving a marquee event at home is a wonderfully personal experience. Marquees are incredibly flexible and can be designed to fit almost any space; this means that you can incorporate garden features such as ponds, flower beds, statuary, trees and terraces into you design.

Use external lighting to highlight external features such as your home, trees and flowerbeds. Light the paths that lead to your marquee venue, create a stunning marquee entrance that makes your guests say ‘wow!’ as they wander through your gardens and see the marquee for the first time.

Choose when your event starts and finishes

A marquee at a private venue is not subject to the same restrictions and limitations as you’d find at a hired space or brick built venue. You get to choose when your guests should arrive and you get to choose when the party ends too!

You’ll probably want to set an official end time, but if you choose to party all night long… well, that is up to you too!

Set your own guest numbers

Can’t cut down your guest list any further? Don’t worry, choose a marquee venue – it’s the perfect solution! Just explain your guest numbers and the type of event you are holding to your marquee supplier and they will calculate the exact size of marquee that you’ll need.

Marquees make great venues all year around

Winter party tipsYou’d be forgiven for thinking that marquees are only suitable as summer venues – but you’d be wrong! Marquees work throughout the year and make stunning venues for winter weddings and events.

Some of our favourite events have taken place during the colder months; when the sun sets early and the marquee lighting schemes kick in, the heaters are on, and the marquee provides a beautiful, warm and cosy space in which to party away the hours and escape from the crisp, chilly or wet and windy world outside.

You could use your marquee more than once

Most marquees builds finish on a Friday and are taken down by Monday. There’s no extra charge if you choose to hold more than one event.

We’re not suggesting that you’ll want to party the night away two days running; but why not hold brunch the morning after? Or a dinner party the night before? Perhaps you could party on Saturday night and hold a more serene garden party on the Sunday?

We’ve known clients to use the marquee to host a party for their kids on the Friday night before the main event takes place on Saturday evening. Okay, the turnaround might be a little tight, but the  point is that it can be done!

Marquees are great for all types of eventsParty marquee tips: Marquee types, marquees and rain

From corporate events to parties and weddings… Marquees are incredibly versatile and suitable for any type of event. It’s all about design and styling that’s fit for purpose – and that’s what we deliver week in and week out.

There’s also a wide variety of different marquee styles available for hire; Frame tents, traditional pole marquees, pagodas and stretch tents. Which means that, when you choose a marquee for your event, there’s bound to be a style that’s a perfect fit for you.

Want to hear more reasons for choose a marquee?

Why not talk to a member of our team to find out how we can help with your event? We have been designing and building marquees for all kinds of events for over forty years.

We’d love to hear your ideas and offer you some of our own in exchange. Call 01483 322070 or email to find out more.