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planning a marquee event

If you’ve never organised a party, wedding or event in a marquee before, it may seem like a daunting task. After all, organising an event is hard work without throwing in the marquee variable – right?

In actual fact, organising an event of any kind in a marquee is much simpler than you think. And there are teams of seasoned marquee experts just waiting to help you pull your event together.

Marquee specialists can organise and coordinate all of your other suppliers

Forget the idea that adding a marquee adds another thing to your to do list; a good marquee company  will actually make your list shorter and simpler!

Your marquee supplier will know a wide variety of experienced events industry suppliers – from florists, to entertainers, bar suppliers, caterers and more. They will be happy to recommend those that best suit you and the type of event you’re planning; plus they’ll work closely with them, coordinating delivery and set up times, power requirements and ideal placement points too.

That’s several less things to worry about then!

Planning a marquee layout: You’re not alone!

If you’re worried about coming up with all of the ideas – don’t be! A good, experienced marquee company will have created lots of events. There’s not much that they won’t have seen or done.

While it’s always good to have a few of your own ideas, you won’t need to figure out all of the finer details. Your marquee supplier will be able to advise you on the ideal marquee structure for your type of event and the space available. They will also be able to suggest the best size and position for the bar, dancefloor and stage area.

Marquee specialists will be able to design the optimal furniture layout to provide the best views and to maximise space. They’ll explain, supply and/or organise the perfect lighting set up, audio equipment, PA system and heating and cooling systems too.

Speak to an experienced supplier such as Lifestyle marquees and you’ll pick up all kinds of hints and tips that will help to make your event stand out from the crowd.

Event logistics: We’ve got it covered

A marquee at home puts you in control. With a marquee you’ll be able to choose the start time for your event, the caterers, the bar supplier, the bar hours, entertainment type and the end time for your event too.

Your marquee supplier can coordinate all of the other suppliers to ensure everything is delivered and set up in the right order. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that suppliers can come and go according to your timescales and that they can work around you, your friends and your family. You won’t be at the mercy of venue opening hours or have other customer bookings to work around. Your event can be set up where, when and as you desire.

It’s your event, in your space, so you are in complete control.

Designing a marquee event is fun!

From the initial telephone conversation Lifestyle marquees engage with their potential clients. It’s important to understand what a client needs so that best advice and guidance can be offered. During initial calls you’ll discuss your ideas, be directed to webpages and images and be offered some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

When the Lifestyle marquees team comes to visit they’ll want to look at the potential marquee space, discuss your theming ideas, catering, entertainment, décor and more. You’ll look at pictures and maybe even videos of other marquee events to get inspiration.

After meeting with you Lifestyle marquees will send you a marquee floorplan and quote so that you’ll be able to visualise your event. You’ll receive a fully itemised quote too; meaning you can tweak and refine your design until you’ve created the perfect event!

Would you like to discuss planning a marquee event?

Call the Lifestyle marquees team on 01483 322070 or click here to contact us. We love to help our customers pull together their events; love sharing our creative ideas and  offer a ‘Stress Free’ 10 point guarantee . So don’t worry about pulling it all together, we’re here to help!