Staff party

Are you planning a staff party or company event? Nothing tells your people how much you appreciate them like a staff party.

Staff partyBut a morale boosting, engaging staff party has to be done correctly to deliver the impact that you’re looking for. Every detail is crucial; from the catering to the cocktails, the entrees and the entertainment – and let’s not forget the venue…

Your choice of venue is crucial to making your staff party stand out. Why settle for the function room at the local golf club or book the party package at the nearest hotel when you could create something truly unique and special for your employees to enjoy?

The marquee solution

A marquee is a great venue for a staff party. Marquees are versatile and, perhaps most importantly, bespoke designed and built to suit each individual occasion. Going the extra mile to produce a unique and special venue will not only tell your teams that you care about them but will also speak volumes about your brand and your credentials as an employer.

What’s the perfect location for your staff party?

Take care to consider the location of your staff party. Your teams will be travelling from a variety of different locations. Some may know the local area, but others may be coming from further afield. Ensure that the venue that you select is simple to find and easy to reach by train, car and taxi.

How about your offices?

AGM conference venue staff partyEverybody will know where the office is – they travel there every day after all. But who wants to attend a staff party in the office? This is where the versatile marquee comes to the rescue once again.

If you have a car park or lawns at your offices, then you have the ideal location for a marquee party. The beauty of hosting a marquee in your own space is that you save on venue hire costs. Additionally, it will show local residents as well as other local companies and their teams that you are a caring and considerate employer and that your company is a great place to work.

staff party hire a marquee venueOr hire a marquee venue…

There are lots of fantastic marquee venues available. These range from simple fields to the grounds of stately homes. Whatever impression you are trying to create, there will be a suitable venue out there for you.

Hotels often rent out spaces for marquee events, and they will be able to offer accommodation too. Very useful if your teams are traveling from far and wide.

Festival and carnival style events

Marquee hire quotesFestival and carnival style events are all the rage at the moment. They are casual, on trend and inclusive – offering a variety of different features and activities, meaning there’s bound to be something to entertain each of the different personality types that go into to making a great company. A staff party based on a festival or carnival theme is great for family fun days too.

A selection of different marquees, from traditional pole tents to stretch tents, bell tents and sophisticated frame tents can create a wonderful atmosphere with a variety of different locations for your teams to visit and enjoy.

Combine formal and informal for a truly unique event

staff partyIf you need to cover serious business issues, strategy or product launches, the company AGM or anything else, but would like to offer delegates a way to blow off some steam too, then try to create a multi-faceted event.

Once again, a marquee (or series of marquees) can be perfect for this. Whether you are looking to create separate presentation halls, complete with stages, lighting, PA systems and seating, or a series of smaller spaces, a marquee could be the ideal solution.

Talk to a member of our team to discuss design and layout ideas. One large marquee, carefully sectioned off to deliver main presentation spaces, breakout rooms and bars could be a good option. Alternatively, a series of marquees – ranging in size, could offer the space that you need in a unique, fun and entertaining way.

How do we plan marquee events?

We look at your required location, attendee numbers, the type of event you are planning, your event goals, your branding, theming preferences and, of course, budget. We will then work closely with you to pull it all together.

And we’ll be with you throughout the entire process too. We’ll be there to guide and advise in the lead up to the event, as well as on the day, to make sure that it all comes together smoothly and effortlessly.

Enjoy the process

A staff party should be fun and uplifting. We’ll help you to get every aspect right from the get-go. We can help with choice of location, marquee  layout, theming, lighting and atmosphere and even the event programme.

Plus, we can even help you to source to most suitable suppliers for your staff party. In the meantime, why not take a look at our supplier directory where you’ll find trusted partners who can provide everything that goes together to make a great event?

Contact us for a no obligation quotation

Speak to a member of our team. We’ll be happy to discuss your event and offer guidance and advice on the ideal marquee set up. We offer estimates over the telephone, and if that peaks your interest, we’ll visit you for a more in depth discussion, after which we’ll provide a comprehensive quote and marquee floor plan.

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