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Party marquees

If you’re thinking about holding a party in a marquee then take a read through our party marquee tips. What types of marquee are best for your party? How about a theme? And the best place to put your marquee.

Think of a theme

Party marquee tips: Think of a theme

One of our top marquee party tips is ‘think of a theme’. Marquee’s are great blank canvases but it’s the internal decoration that makes each set up special. When planning your party choose a theme, something that’s unique and personal to you. A theme will give you a focus around which to build everything else.

Share your theme with your caterer and bar supplier and see if they can come up with ideas that support it. Use the theme to guide your invitation designs. If you want to hire props then your marquee provider will be able to guide you to the right suppliers. How about fancy dress?

Of course a theme doesn’t need to be ultra-specific. It could simply be a colour guide. If fancy dress is a step too far you could simply use colour to steer your guests dress code. A colour theme will also allow you and your caterers to choose table linens and table-wear. The marquee company should be able to offer a choice of coloured linings, chair colours and styles, as well as carpet colours – if your having them.

Floristry can make a big difference in a marquee. It can fill empty spaces and inject fabulous colour highlights throughout. A theme of any kind will help your florist understand the colours that will work best for you.

Marquee position

Party marquee tips: Marquee position

There are lots of reasons that make a marquee at home a better choice than traditional bricks and mortar venues. Apart from the fact that you are in complete control of which suppliers you use, your event start and finish times and the look and feel of the venue – you are also in charge of the location of your marquee venue.

Take care to position your marquee in the perfect spot for the type of event you are planning. If you have plenty of space to choose from then you might want to consider the location carefully.

Noisy party? Think about your neighbours and try to position the marquee in a spot that will minimise noise pollution. A secluded spot as far from neighbouring properties could be ideal.

However, don’t forget that your guests are going to need to walk to the marquee. A meandering walk through beautiful gardens is great during the day, but don’t forget to light the route for your guests once the sun goes down!

If the weather isn’t great then your guests could end up with muddy shoes, trousers and dress hems. Either ask your marquee provider to build a matted walkway or build the marquee as close to the house as possible.

Which Marquee type?

Party marquee tips: Marquee types

There are lots of different marquee types available. Frame tents offer great, uninterrupted open space within; a perfect blank canvas that can either be transformed into a cool contemporary space or a wonderful traditional party venue.

Traditional pole marquees lend themselves perfectly to garden parties, festival style parties and relaxed laid-back events. Because they are made of canvas they don’t need to be lined – which can offer cost savings to the budget conscious marquee hirer. A traditional pole marquee uses guy ropes and large, round internal poles to hold it up. While the poles can, to some degree, dictate how the internal space can be used, they also make a wonderful feature; ideal for wrapping or for hanging with floral decorations.

Pagoda marquees are small but decorative marquees. Pagodas can be used individually or grouped together to create an attractive entertaining space. They are also great as sun shelters and focal points for garden parties. Add a pagoda or two to a frame tent marquee set up to create a beautiful and practical entrance or chill out area.

More marquee party tips?

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