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Team Christmas party

Are you looking for a unique venue for your team Christmas party? Why not create your own with a marquee? After all, what could be more unique than a marquee, designed to your specification and built in the grounds of your offices?

Why a marquee?

Every marquee is designed and built bespoke to customer specification and needs. They can be scaled to fit your office location or a hired space. Theming, lighting, furniture, band, DJ and decoration can be specified by you!

Bricks and mortar venues are great, but they usually come with set packages for theming, catering, bar and entertainment; not to mention set start and finish times and numerous other restrictions.

If you want to be unique, a marquee could be perfect for you.

Team Christmas Party

A marquee at your offices

You may not think that you have space for a marquee. Hold that thought…

Do you have a car park at your offices? Car parks are perfect for marquees; they’re flat, solid spaces; they may not seem like an exciting Christmas party location, but a marquee will transform your boring office carpark into a magical winter wonderland!

Marquees don’t need lots of flat ground. If you have sloping or even landscaped grounds then a marquee can be designed to fit within it. We can build over ponds or pools, incorporate flowerbeds and small trees and even work with terraces and patios.

Team Christmas party

How about a marquee in your warehouse? We built a beautiful winter themed marquee into a warehouse for a client who wanted to showcase their new premises but didn’t have any outdoor space. The marquee completely transformed the space and provided a unique setting for a fabulous launch event!

And if you need another great reason to consider having your team Christmas party on your own grounds? Everyone already knows how to get there!

Creating a buzz!

Another great reason for having your team Christmas party in a marquee on your grounds is that it will definitely create a buzz! Sure, everyone will be looking forward to the office Christmas party but seeing the party venue being built from the ground up is bound to get folks talking.

Once the walls are up the venue will be shrouded in mystery. Everyone will be wondering what it will be like inside. And on the day of the event you can guarantee ooohs and aaaahhhs as the boring office grounds suddenly become a very magical and special place to be.

Company Christmas party Team Christmas party

Definitely no space for a marquee at the office?

If there’s definitely no space for a marquee at your offices then why not hire a space that’s suitable for a marquee instead? There are lots of lovely, unique marquee venues out there.

From fields to woodland, hotels or manor house lawns; the settings may vary, but one fact remains the same: A marquee party is always unique. If you don’t have a venue in mind, then we can help. We know a variety of different spaces ready to hire across all budget ranges.

Planning your team Christmas party?

Talk to us about holding your team Christmas party in a marquee. Whether you want to find out how suitable your office grounds are for hosting a marquee, or whether you’re interested in hiring a space – we can help.

Call us on 01483 322070 or email to find out more.