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Spring is a time of anticipation – it represents new beginnings, with so much promise of what is to come and there’s a real vibrancy and excitement in the air. The days can be gloriously sunny, with crisp blue skies and fluffy white clouds. There may be the odd April shower but the sun is high, the days are longer and the air is warmer. It’s the perfect time for a wedding.

We spoke to Kim Balasubramaniam, a leading wedding designer and planner in the south of England, to find out how she transforms a marquee into the perfect setting for a spring wedding. Here’s what she told us:

There’s an abundance of inspiration to be had from the world around you in spring. Flowers are beginning to blossom and bloom, everything is coming to life. If you’re planning a spring marquee wedding it’s a great time of year to bring the outside in – be inspired by your venue or garden and blend the setting with your décor for a look that is seamlessly elegant.

Create visual impact in your wedding marquee

Floral marqueeWhen dressing your marquee one of the most important things to consider is height and scale – marquees are a fabulous blank canvas but they can also be quite daunting to furnish because you need to create interest in different areas.  A simple way to do this is by creating an installation that hangs from the ceiling. This could be an interesting lighting option, a floral chandelier, garlands or hanging lanterns – I’ve even used watering cans full of flowers before. The important thing is to remember the scale – if your marquee is large then you probably need to think big when it comes to the décor and go for maximum impact. For instance, oversized lampshades can look amazing, or you could install a fabulous floral canopy above the top table.

Alternating centrepieces – some tall, some low – also work really well for marquee décor and add interest at standing and sitting eye level. And why not apply a similar trick with tables – if your marquee is big enough a mix of circular and long tables looks great – don’t feel like everything has to match.

Make the most of the season with trees in blossom

Hiring some blossoming fruit trees from local garden centres is a lovely way to make your marquee entrance gorgeous, or to prettily frame the bar area or a relaxing seating area. Dress them with twinkling lights and you’ll have a really romantic look that continues into the evening.  Creating a walkway of blossom trees to the entrance to the marquee is another nice touch and, if they are lit, will provide a lovely retreat as guests leave at the end of the evening.

Wedding table arrangementsAs day turns into night, you’ll need to consider the lighting in the marquee. Candles on the tables will create a lovely, intimate atmosphere. And don’t forget that it can get chilly. You’ll probably have this covered with marquee heating, but it can be a nice touch to provide some lovely soft blankets to keep your guests warm as the evening draws in.

Spring colours are warm, light and bright. You might want to consider a coloured linen to add interest to your dining tables; just make sure it reaches the floor. Coloured glassware, crockery or stationery will add interest to the tablescape – just don’t overdo it by adding too much! Consider how everything will look when placed together. Sometimes simple is best – a single stem of a flower or a little bunch of foliage looks gorgeous on a fresh cotton napkin.

As an alternative to a formal floral arrangement, you could install a flowering runner to the centre of your tables, particularly if you have long tables. Think daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths and tulips, interspersed with moss and soft candlelight – it will look stunning!

And finally, flowering seeds make lovely and alternative wedding favours or you could set up a flower stall of potted bulbs for guests to take home with them as a reminder of your special day.

Planning your wedding? Spring may not be our warmest season but it’s certainly a beautiful one – why not find out more about holding your wedding in a marquee! Call us on 01483 322070 or email