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Chinese hat marquees

Picture a marquee and – right now, at least – you’ll probably imagine the archetypal tent marquee that graces fetes and fayres all over the UK. Whilst  we regularly supply marquees like this, we have variety of structures available that can be used to create all manner of weird and wonderful event spaces, from the very simple to the extremely grand – we thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to our lovely range of Chinese hat marquees.

Known also as pagoda marquees, these high-peaked, open sided marquees are deceptively simple yet stunningly elegant and add a really special touch for any event. They are also incredibly flexible in how they can be used:

  • Chinese Hat MarqueesAttached to a larger marquee, the extra space can create a physical ‘breathing space’ before guests enter the main marquee, perhaps used for a drinks reception ahead of a seated lunch or dinner. Or simply use one to add more style to the marquee entrance, somewhere to meet and greet your guests as they arrive.
  • On a more practical basis, Chinese hats can be a very stylish way of creating space for your catering team (who obviously need to be close to the main marquee), or even for setting up food stations where guests go up to choose their food. It makes for a totally integrated look for your event.
  • Chinese Hat MarqueeIf you’ve booked live entertainment for your event, the performers will need somewhere to relax between sets and to eat – a Chinese hat provides the ideal space and it won’t look like an afterthought.
  • They are also a great way of creating chillout areas without eating into the available space in the main marquee. Imagine enjoying watching the sun go down and the stars coming out from the comfort of a rattan sofa under the canopy of a pagoda.
  • Chinese hat marquees are also a good alternative to house extension marquees. If you’re planning an event that will largely take Chinese Hat Marqueeplace in your home, but you also want to utilise some of your garden, one, two or three pagodas can easily extend the available space – and provide some protection from the elements.
  • Want to host a party outdoors at home but don’t have space for a marquee? Just one Chinese hat marquee creates enough space for two 5’6” round tables to seat 20 guests – it would be a great way of serving dinner on a balmy evening. Or use one to provide shade (or shelter!) for a barbecue or buffet area for a garden event. Add one or two more pagoda marquees and we can set up an outdoors dance area, too!

Like the thought of using Chinese hat marquees for your party?

Why not find out more by visiting our Chinese hat pagoda marquee pages? We have some fantastic options available and can help you to create the perfect space for your event. Why not give us a call on 01483 322070 or email to find out more about how a pagoda marquee – or two or three – might work for your party.