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Event suppliers directory

Event Suppliers Directory

Our event suppliers directory could be the perfect place for you to start planning your event. We’ve been designing and building incredible marquees for parties, weddings and corporate events for over forty years. That’s four decades spent meeting and working with other events specialists and service providers.

During that time we’ve discovered which suppliers provide the best, most consistent and reliable service. Which go the extra mile for their clients, listen carefully to their client’s needs, cope well when things don’t go exactly according to plan and – and this is a big one – work well with the other suppliers involved in the event too.

Your event should be a well-oiled machine

You want your event to be a well-oiled machine. Everything should run smoothly and there should be no friction. Think of your event suppliers as the component parts of that machine. Plug in a component that just doesn’t work well with the others and the whole thing could fall apart.

As a marquee provider it’s important for us to build strong relationships with the third party suppliers that we meet. We coordinate deliveries of furniture, bar equipment, catering kit, dance floors, luxury toilets, floristry and theming materials, as well as the more fundamental elements such as electrical and lighting equipment, heating and AV kit.

On every event that we are involved with we experience the interactions between those different suppliers and quickly come to understand the prima donnas from the seasoned professionals. Our event suppliers directory is home only to those that we have previously worked with and would trust with our clients future events.

Every supplier is a specialist

It sounds obvious and perhaps it is. Every supplier is a specialist in their field. But it’s important to understand exactly what that entails for each supplier. For example, most high end catering companies offer and element of event design and coordination with their service. They can help design your event theme, will order the appropriate theming equipment, the cutlery and crockery and even the furniture. Some are keen that they are heavily involved in the planning phases, some are more ‘hands-off’.

Bar & Drink Suppliers event suppliers directoryWhen choosing the right caterer for your event it’s important to understand what type of caterer they are – do you want help planning and designing the event or do you just want great food?

We’ve used caterers and an example, but this goes for other suppliers too. For example bar suppliers. There are companies that simply hire out, deliver and set up the bar for you, but there are others that will also supply the alcohol and some that can provide bar tenders or even world class flair bartenders! It all comes down to what you need, so decide what you want from your suppliers and do your research before picking up the phone to get quotes.

How can we help?

Party marquees party marquee hireOther than providing our comprehensive and carefully vetted event suppliers directory, we are more than happy to offer recommendations. Discuss your event with us and once we understand more about you and what you are looking to do, we’ll be able to recommend suppliers that we believe will be a fit for you.

Earlier in this article we talked about making your event a ‘well-oiled machine’. We talked about suppliers as component parts of that machine. A high performance part isn’t going to work if it doesn’t fit with the other components; it won’t help with the smooth running of the machine if it tries to do too much. In event terms – It doesn’t matter how fantastic a supplier is if they just don’t gel with you, your other suppliers and ultimately, your event.

We understand the ways in which our different supplier partners like to work. We know their many and varied personality types, the budgets that they work too and the nature of their approach to clients and their events. Before we make a recommendation we are careful to understand our clients personalities, the events that they are planning and how much help they might need with planning and organising. Once we are comfortable with this we will be happy to recommend the suppliers that we believe will be a perfect fit.

How can we help? Part two!

If you are considering a marquee based event then look no further. We take a consultative approach with our clients; meaning that we listen carefully to their plans and only offer advice and guidance where required.10 Point Guarantee

We do everything that we can to make the event planning journey as stress free as possible – see our 10 point stress free guarantee. As mentioned earlier, we coordinate with all of our clients third party suppliers and we go the extra mile to ensure that there are no oversights that could cause delays or last minute panics. For example, we will ensure that the furniture is delivered to the marquee, we will put the seat pads on the seats (they are usually delivered separately), we will be there to coordinate luxury toilet delivery and placement, we’ll plan and coordinate the electrical, lighting, sound and AV elements too.

These are not elements that every other marquee supplier offers. Check your quotations carefully and ask questions. Price may be important to you, but service and quality of equipment, build and finish should be equally important too. Why not read some of our testimonials here, or visit our case studies page to find out about some of the marquees that we have provided in the past? Oh, and of course, don’t forget to visit our event suppliers directory!

Find out more

Why not pick up the phone and give us a call on 01483 322070? We are happy to offer no obligation quotations, site visits and advice. Or if you prefer, drop us a line at and we’ll get in touch to plan a suitable time to talk. Enjoy planning your event and don’t forget, we’re here to help if you need us.