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The great British weather never fails to keep us on our toes. One minute we’re in the midst of a heatwave and everyone is wearing shorts. The next, flip-flops need to be replaced with wellies thanks to sudden downpours. And then there’s the recent very high winds that we’ve experienced! Anyone about to host a special event in a marquee would be forgiven for panicking that everything will be ruined.

Lifestyle marquees Marquees remove any such worries
Rain and wind don’t immediately sound favourable weather for a marquee event, but we take bad weather in our stride. Our marquees are anything but flimsy and are carefully constructed to withstand the very worst conditions – up to 80mph!, and even heavy snow. Perhaps the more important consideration is the ground underfoot, especially if the marquee is to be sited on grass.Soft or wet lawns can quickly be spoilt through heavy footfall, especially around the marquee entrance – soft conditions also play havoc with high heels!

Marquee in the rain

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We have a range of options when it comes to flooring, but the most robust is boarded and carpeted flooring that will protect the lawn underneath and provide a firm, secure and level surface for your event – with that installed, no one will need worry about what the weather is doing. On top of that, we can also install walkways to the marquee, further protecting the ground and your guests’ shoes.

The cold isn’t a worry, either. A solid floor immediately provides insulation, the internally lined walls and roof of the marquee add to that insulation and we can ensure an ambient temperature by installing heating systems.

Never too cold and never too hot
open marqueeOf course, it’s not just the cold and wet that can be a challenge. Hot summer days – when we’re lucky enough to get them – could potentially turn a sophisticated event into a rather sweaty affair. The beauty of our marquees is that they can be opened up and walls removed, which is lovely if guests can then enjoy a gentle summer breeze. It also means that your special occasion is even more closely integrated with the surroundings and it’s easy to create chill-out areas with sofas outside the marquee for a really relaxed and comfortable feel. If the temperature starts to drop in the evening, walls can be replaced and the party contained within the marquee for the last few hours.

And no need to worry if it gets hot, our heater units also act as cooling fans, driving a fresh breeze through the marquee and keeping the temperature comfortable – and the best thing is that if the temperature drops in the evening you can use them as a heater again!

Thinking about hiring a marquee for your special event?
Call us! A marquee gives you so much flexibility in terms of size, location and theming. Whether you’re planning a party in the depths of winter or are getting married at the height of summer, an Lifestyle marquees marquee will ensure a totally bespoke event.


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