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When we received a last minute call from Lifestyle marquees Marquees’ friend and trusted supplier Andy Stainfield of Barrel & Cask, it was all hands to the pump to ensure that we could help him sort out a marquee based problem that threatened to spoil his client’s big day.

Barrel & Cask had commissioned another marquee supplier over a year earlier, prior to meeting and working with Lifestyle marquees for the first time earlier this year. It proved an experience he and his team would rather forget, as Andy explains;

“I was recently commissioned to organise and arrange an Indian wedding for 150 guests in Farnborough which included the organisation of a marquee to meet the specific requirements of the wedding couple. Unfortunately the marquee company that I had commissioned over a year earlier to supply the marquee let us down as they provided the marquee but not to the agreed specification. 

The marquee was in the wrong position and they had not joined the stretch tent and clearspan marquee together. The entire set-up looked messy and not the beautiful, elegant wedding space that the client had paid for.

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Working in the events industry you are privy to and part of the big moments in your client’s lives, providing a great customer experience is a matter of professional pride. 

When we approached the marquee company and explained the problem we were told that there was nothing they could do. They felt that what we wanted was impossible, but in a begrudging attempt to meet our requirements they used carpet for roofing to bridge the space between the two tents – it looked ghastly! In the process they managed to damage a piece of the garden apparatus at the customers property too. Their efforts turned a bad situation into a disaster. 

So I called Iain at Lifestyle marquees Marquees. Iain requested pictures so that he could give me an accurate assessment of what they could do to help.

After reviewing some questionable pictures taken on my blackberry Iain told me they could help. 

To cut a long story short, the Lifestyle marquees team visited the site the next day and completely transformed the look of the marquee inside a three hour period. Lifestyle marquees connected the two structures with an attractive AND waterproof gutter and a connecting awning that delivered the dream venue my clients had imagined. 

Not only did Lifestyle marquees completely save the situation but also supplied a dance floor, heating and new seat covers (all of which should have been delivered by the previous company) the next day. 

I must thank Iain and his team for truly saving the day. Lifestyle marquees are now the only company I call when dealing with marquee requests.”

We’re pleased to have been able to help Andy and the Barrel & Cask team to rescue their project. We have extremely experienced and skilled teams that work incredibly hard to ensure that we always deliver on the promises that we make to our clients – you only get one chance to get your big day right, it’s vital that you choose the best supplier for the job and our 10 point Guarantee is testament to the fact that we never let our clients down.

Thank you to Barrel and Cask for their kind words, we look forward to working with them again soon!