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Birthday party marquee hire

If you are planning a birthday party at home and you want to invite all your family and friends, then you might need some extra space! Why not consider birthday party marquee hire?

Marquees are very versatile; they can be styled in a variety of different ways and they can fit into variety of different spaces too. Here are our tips for birthday party marquee hire:


House extension marquees

If you are entertaining at home but need a little extra space then a house extension marquee could be perfect for you. These marquees are built as a direct extension from the rear of your home. They are perfect when fitted across a set of bi-fold doors.

Extension marquees create a seamless extension from your house to your marquee. We attach them with a gutter-join, keeping the rain out in case the weather isn’t playing ball on the day of your event.

Heaters and carpets help keep the space snug. Lighting, furniture, bars and dance-floors can all be used in the space too. Marquee extensions are extremely popular all year around; however, we create a lot of them during the colder months when our clients want to hold a party but the weather isn’t good enough to allow them to use their outdoor spaces.


Keep the bar near the dance floor

We’ve seen just about every marquee layout possible; so we know what works and what doesn’t. Keeping the dancefloor next to, or close to your bar, is a must. People like to socialise, they like to chat, drink and have a dance. If you separate the dance area and the bar then you’re likely to discover that you have two distinct pockets of guests in different areas of the marquee.

We always recommend keeping the two areas close together; but if you feel like your guests might want some space where they can chat away from the music there are options that give you the best of both worlds. Have a second bar, or, even better, create a chill out zone…

Create a chill out zone

A chill out zone offers your guests a social space where they can chat and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the main party area. Everyone likes a space that keeps them connected to the party but that allows them the chance to chat without having to shout. It’s the reason that everyone gravitates toward the kitchen at a house party!

Add some low furniture, cool LED lighting and maybe even a small bar and your guests will be in their element. A chill out zone can double up as a drinks reception space for the start of the event too.


Bowl food is perfect for a social occasion

Seated meals are fine, but they tend to force guests into an unavoidably formal social occasion. People will tend to sit with people that they already know; even if you mix up the seating arrangements with a well thought through seating plan opportunities to socialise will still be limited.

A Bowl food event is the perfect solution. Your caterers will create a variety of exciting dishes and deliver them to your guests, meaning that they can pick and choose what, and exactly how much they want to eat. Add poseur tables and casual seating so that your guests have somewhere to perch or at least leave empty bowls.

Bowl food events are ultra-social and tend to get going much quicker than formal seated occasions.

Considering birthday party marquee hire?

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