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Wine glasses

A guest blog by Lene McGuinness of Allens Hire

Many of us probably don’t give too much thought to the glasses we drink out of. Flutes are for champagne, stemmed glasses are for wine, tumblers are for whisky, pint glasses are for beer – isn’t that about as complicated as it gets?

Well, when it comes to wine glasses it would seem that there is a much Wine glassesdeeper science to glass shape. We added Riedel glassware to our catering and equipment hire offer last year. Riedel are world-renowned makers of wine glasses and have been producing the very finest crystal glassware for over 260 years – it’s in great demand by top-end caterers. And it’s little wonder why; the Riedel wine glasses we have are as good as the finest mouth-blown glasses, with beautifully thin stems, aesthetically pleasing bases and a pleasure to hold.

Each glass is designed and shaped to help enhance the taste of different wines
Moreover, connoisseurs appreciate the fact that each glass is designed and shaped to help enhance the taste of different wines – and that Riedel works closely with winemakers often taking a couple of years to develop one glass to optimise the experience of each particular type of wine – we were keen to put the theory to the test. Riedel arranged a tasting session at our offices and some lucky members of staff sampled a range of wines in different glasses. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

Wine tasting glasses

Glass choice makes all the difference!

Choice of glass could make all the difference to a special event
Kevin McGuinness, Managing Director of Allens said: “We were given wines to taste in a grape-specific wine glasses, while also tasting them in other random wine glasses in no order. The difference was incredible – everyone agreed that in the right wine glass the wine tasted substantially better! For instance, Pinot Noir tastes so much nicer from a glass that directs the wine to the tip of the tongue rather than the sides of the mouth, where it can taste acidic.” It may sound overly scientific, but the choice of glass could make all the difference to a special event – the difference between satisfied noises of guests enjoying the choice of wine and wincing looks and a polite ‘no thanks’ to any refills.

A huge selection of glassware to choose from
At Allens we carry several ranges of Riedel glassware – stemmed glasses and the O stemless range,  the latter a contemporary take on the same quality of wine specific glassware, – both aimed for different grape varieties, including Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and Oaked Chardonnay.  We also have some stunning Nachtmann tumblers for short and longdrinks and we’ll be extending our Riedel offer throughout 2016

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